Ultimate Electric Roller blinds Guide 2018

Ultimate Electric Roller Blinds Guide 2018

Electric roller blinds are very real and available today from our dedicated motorised roller blind page. With so many products now automated the window blinds industry has jumped on the bandwagon and produced some fantastic electric blind solutions.

Capri Electric Vision Roller blinds
Electric Vision Roller blind

There are many questions to ask regarding electric Roller blinds; we wanted to make this guide really easy to read in plain English without any complicated techno jargon.

We manufacture our motorised blinds at our factory in Lancashire to guarantee your quality. Our two motorised products we offer is standard roller blinds and day and night roller blinds. 

We have done a quick fire video about Vision motorised blinds here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Nv6kzHoV44

How will my electric roller blinds be powered?

Firstly let us say you wont need an electrician, no electrician is needed! Our powered blinds are trouble free and incredibly easy.

Built in lithium-ion battery
Built in lithium-ion battery

We use a British motor for our roller blinds, from a company called Louvolite blinds. Our motorised blinds all come with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery.


What on earth does this mean……this means that you charge your blind exactly the same way you would charge your phone, tablet, or toothbrush. Simply use a 3 pin plug and away you go. We like easy, simple and convenient powered roller blinds, you therefore wont be needed the following:

  • Don’t need to hard-wire your roller blinds (no electrician needed)
  • Defiantly wont be needed any double AA batteries!

How long do motorised blinds run for?

Electric blinds run time
Electric blinds with 6 month run rime

Our electric blinds run for approximately 6 months dependant on use. We have several blinds on show in our showroom which has far exceeded this time. Once the blind is out of charge, simply plug it in via the 3 pin plug to charge for 4 hours. Once this charge is complete your blind will be good as new with a fresh 6 month run time.

How do i operate my electric blinds?

We wanted to select the easiest method possible with our motorised roller blinds, and that is a wireless operation via remote control. We have two remotes you can choose.

  • Electric blinds remote
    Wireless electric roller blind remote

    Standard remote – Control up to 5 blinds at the same time. This is a fantastic feature in bay windows or conservatories. You can also control the blinds individually. To make it even easier we program everything for you before it leaves the factory.


  • Super channel remote – We also offer a 14 channel remote. This can operate 14 blinds of one remote.

Money money money – £99

Lets talk about money! Comparing against direct competitors we wipe the floor with them on price. Our motorised blind price is transparent and easy, its £99 for your first blind, then £89 for any further blinds. Companies like Somfy cannot get near us on price.

Did we mention that we buy our motorised roller blinds from one of the leading UK suppliers Louvolite. Be assured your getting quality at an amazing price

Can you control via Alexa? Smart Roller blinds?

Alexa smart blinds
Smart electric roller blinds with Alexa

Yes, you can now link your motorised roller blind to Alexa to control your blinds for a small up charge. You now have a smart electric roller blind. If these motorised blinds wasn’t already very cool; adding a smart option sprinkles awesome all over it!

Electric Roller blinds for bi-fold doors?

Electric roller blindsCan you put motorised blinds on bi-folding doors? Electric blinds can be installed onto the bi-folding door area.

Almost all bi-folding doors have 3 or more panels, and have a wide width.

  1. Can i have one really large electric roller blind for my bi-folding doors?

This can be done depending on the size of the bi-folding doors. Our motorised day and night roller blinds can reach width of up to 2800mm (2.8 meters)

2.  If it is too big, can i split the blinds up into sections to cover each panel of doors?

YES. Each roller or vision roller blind would have its own motor. This does increase the price, but it also increases your flexibility with light control. You can choose which blinds you want up and down.

3. Electric roller blind for patio door or french doors?

YES. The same applies to patio doors and french doors as it does to the bi-folding doors.

For further information please contact us via our main site here. We are here to help as much as we can, we know its good to run through things over the phone or email.


4 must know facts when buying blinds for doors

What are the best blinds for doors?

If you are asking yourself what are the best blinds for doors, you have come to the ultimate door blind buying guide.

Our company has measured, made, and fitted THOUSANDS of blinds to doors over the past 25 years. Ask yourself the 4 key question to ask when measuring window blinds for doors.

4 must know facts when measuring blinds for doors

  1. Window Handle
    Blind next to handle

    Handles – With all blinds for doors, you will have to consider are the door handles going to interfere with the blinds.

  • Do you need to project the blind out into the recess to make sure the blinds miss the handle?
  • Is there enough clearance to have a blind fitted to the doors? The door blind slides behind the handle as shown on the image
  • Can a perfect fit blind or INTU blind be installed without effecting the handle
  1. Where to mount my door blinds – Do you go inside recess or outside recess?

    outside and inside recess diagram
    Inside recess and outside recess example
  • Outside recess is great when there is no much head height available so when drawn, the blind won’t interfere with the recess. Also a great option for inward opening doors
  • Inside recess is great when you have a good height so the blind won’t interfere with walking in and out the doors.
  • Door mounted blinds fitted directly to your door is a great option and is very convenient for daily use. Products like 25mm aluminium venetians and roller blinds are ideal as they slide neatly behind the door handle
  • Perfect fit blinds – A fantastic solution for many door types. Flush easy fitting door blind that requires no drilling.

  1. Do my doors open internally or externally?
  • Most doors open externally away from the house, if this is the case all blind products be installed in a variety of ways. Please see question 2 to find the best solution for you
  • Internal opening doors swing into the house. You must consider how to fit your blinds. Fitting inside recess may cause the door to hit the window blind. This can limit the use of the door. Internally opening blinds are ideally suited to outside recess, and Perfect fit blinds
Bi-folding doors
Bi-folding doors opening internally
  1. Convenience & Practicality – Blinds for door areas are typically high traffic areas that require you to walk through, the blinds need to be convenient and practical. Do you use the doors a lot throughout the week?
  • Perfect fit door blinds
    Perfect fit blinds

    Inside recess mounted and outside recess mounted blinds are best for when the doors are not used as frequently, this is simply due to the fact if the blind is down you will have to operate it to use the door each time you wish to use.

  • Fitted door blinds and perfect fit blinds are incredibly convenient as they are physically attached to the door so the blinds goes with the door when operates


Wide Width Vision Roller Blinds And Cassette Box Information

Hello, its Ryan from blinds superstore, I wanted to cover a couple of important point which we get asked a lot via telephone and email about these types of blinds. The two points we want to cover how wide can we go to on the width on our day and night roller blinds and key information regarding the cassette head box.

Wide width day and night roller blinds – We make the here at our factory on our own roller table, this means we have control and experience to go to really wide widths on our roller blinds. All the fabrics on our vision roller blinds all go to 2400mm wide. Most of our fabrics on our site going up to 2800mm wide. This means if you have very large windows, a patio door area or bi-folding doors for example, we can achieve that width without any problems.

How can we do it and other cant? We can make large vision roller blinds because we manufacture the blinds ourselves and we use a special reinforced tube. Vision roller blinds use two different types of tube, the standard tube is a 32mm diameter tube. The 32mm roller blind tube is used for most window blinds and has a maximum width of 2000mm wide. For the larger windows, we use a 40mm diameter tube which is slightly wider, thicker and is reinforced. We use the 40mm tube on larger window blinds going above 2000mm wide going all the way up to 2800mm wide. This 40mm roller tube stops the day and night blind from bending and distorting the tube. When you go to bigger widths on a small tube it cannot take the weight or span it is covering.

Cassette box – one question we get asked about our vision roller blinds is the sizes of the box, this is a really great question to ask especially when measuring day and night blinds for bay windows, measuring for outside recess and measuring in conservatories. I have a box on show here which I can show you from the side and measure with a tape. The boxes with a bracket are 90mm by 90mm and this is really useful information which you can apply when measuring your windows.



Measuring vision blinds for angled bay windows – Having these sizes is key information when you are measuring bays. When you come to measure your bay windows, whether that is a box bay or your bay is like a fifty pence piece. You can simply cut two pieces of paper at 90mm , put this paper at the back of your window and then push the paper towards each other till the corners of the paper meets. When the paper meets you can make your marks. You’re basically imitating your cassette boxes when they are in the window. This gets your sizes perfect and makes sure the blinds are as big as they can be but not too big.

Measuring vision rollers for outside recess – Measuring outside recess requires specific measurements, knowing the sizes of the boxes is really useful. It means you know how much you need to add to your drop if mounting the box on the outside of the recess. A simple method for doing this is measure the recess drop for example and add 90mm (this is the depth of the box).

Measuring day and night blinds for conservatories – Very like measuring box bays or square bay windows. You have a lead blind and a slave blind. Typically, you have one blind which goes all the way to the end, the slave blind is the one that butts up to the lead blind. You measure this by again using two pieces of paper at 90mm, put one piece against the window and make a mark. Where this mark is where you need to measure to for your slave blind.

Measuring perfect fit blinds

The ultimate measuring perfect fit blinds guide

Simple tools needed – When measuring perfect fit blinds you need a metal tape measure, piece of paper and a pen. We advise you to measure in millimetres or centimetres, but we can work in inches as well.

UPVC or Aluminium windows – Before measuring perfect fit blinds, you need to check your windows are uPVC. You can put perfect fit blinds onto Aluminium frames as well, most of the time this is for bi-folding doors.

Measuring perfect fit blinds

We are going to measure a small opening window with a handle and thick rubber bead. We also have a door to measure which has a different bead and a much smaller rubber.

Step by step on measuring perfect fit blinds

Step 1 – Check your clearance

You need to have a 25mm clearance from the glass (where the glass finishes), to any obstruction like a window handle or vents.  If you don’t have clearance, you can request a window handle spacer to make sure it doesn’t interfere.

To check you have the clearance, measure from your glass to any obstruction. On this window in the video we have 30 millimetres so the handle won’t cause any obstructions.

Step 2 – Measure and Check

It is best to measure in 3 different points, you can make sure each measurement is very similar to one another. Always take the smallest measurement. We recommend to measure what physical glass you can see, don’t worry about your bead or whether it is compressible or not just measure what physical glass you can see.

Perfect fit is quite a forgiving product because we have got a 25mm overlap. If you are a few millimetres small on your measurements it isn’t the end of the world because you have got the tolerance in the frame overlap.

Step 3 – Measure the glass

Measure the glass and measure in three different points and make sure you are getting similar measurements each time and write that down. Always take the smallest measurement. One you have taken your width then take your drop and do the same thing again and measure in 3 different points. Just physically measure the glass.

Step 4 – Measure Bead depth

Your bead depth must be 18mm or above. There are lots of different brackets on offer, there is 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 30mm, and 38mm. The best way to measure your bead is use a tape measure and a piece of paper. If you offer the tape measure onto the glass and offer a piece of paper onto it.

On our video our bead depth is 20mm, so this will need a 20mm bracket.

Step 5 – Measure for perfect fit door blinds

This door has a different profile and its also got a different bead.  We do the same process again and measure the width and drop in three different places.

We do the same practice again to measure the depth. Hold your tape measure against the glass, as you can see on this occasion the depth is slightly thicker, this bead is a 24mm bracket.

Don’t worry too much about your brackets, if worst case scenario you order a wrong bracket we can always send you larger brackets or smaller brackets.

Get in touch – We are here to help, we have expert knowledge from years of measuring perfect fit blinds in our local area. We have created this video from our showroom in Blackpool Lancashire, you are more than welcome to come and visit us in person. You can call, email, whatsapp pictures or whatsapp video call. We are here to make sure you get it perfect first time. https://www.blinds-superstore.co.uk/Contact.aspx

To view our perfect fit blind collection please visit our perfect fit blind page here

Measuring perfect fit blinds
Measuring perfect fit blinds

Fitting Perfect Fit Blinds

Complete guide to fitting perfect fit blinds

Welcome to our video and text guide on fitting perfect fit blinds. This guide also covers every step of assembling your perfect fit blinds.

Step by step guide on assembling perfect fit blinds

1. Assembly of your perfect fit blinds

We are going to build a perfect fit pleated blind today. The process of building and installing a perfect fit Venetian blind is exactly the same.

We have taken it out of the box to get it ready. The blind will come with the top and bottom wrapped up, and you will also get two side pieces of frame. The reason we do this is so the blind comes pre-tensioned for you.

Simply un wrap the blind from top to bottom as shown in the video.

2. Un-wrapping and tension

Un-wrap your perfect fit blind. Simple un-wrap from top to bottom, taking extra care not to get the string tangled. There is a spring at the bottom of the perfect fit blind, this is what tensions your blind. We will now slot the two sides pieces of frame onto the blind. Once the sides are on the blind is tensioned.

3. Installing the side frames

We need to install the side frame. Find the flat lip of the frame, you want the flat lip to be pointing inwards, do this on either side. Slot the frame into the corner joints on all 4 corners. There is a little slot which your frame pushes up to and locates perfectly.

4. Screwing the FRAME together

Now the frame is slotted into the corner joint you need your screw driver. There will be some gold screws on the corner joint, simply tighten them up and that is that corner done. Do the same on all the remaining corners. As your putting the top section together you will feel the little bit of restriction or tension from the blind and that’s good. You can use an electric screw driver which can be a little quicker if you have one.

5. Operation guide and re-tensioning

Perfect fit blinds work the same for pleated and venetian. You get a little handle here on the bottom bar which sends the blind up and down. If you wanted to re-tension your blind at anytime; simply undo the knot on the spring on one end and apply extra tension to the spring.

This is a good piece of knowledge to know about your perfect fit blinds as over the course of time your blinds may lose tension after several years.

Fitting perfect fit on doors
Fitting perfect fit blinds on doors

Step by step guide to fitting perfect fit blinds

Now we come to fitting perfect fit blinds, we have a door to fit this perfect fit blind to. Perfect fit is a fantastic blind for upvc doors and bi-folding doors.

1. Marking your brackets

There are two methods of marking your brackets. Firstly you can mark where the punch holes are in the frame as shown in the video. You can mark your brackets in using a credit card, by holding a card in the corners and marking at the bottom, this mark is where your brackets are going to go.

Do this for all punch holes in the frames.  Now you have marked up move your blind out of the way, we are ready to put the brackets into position.

2. Sliding in your brackets
Perfect fit blind bracket
Perfect fit blind bracket

The brackets are really easy to install,  it is just sliding the brackets behind your seal.  The best way for any tougher beads in to use fairy liquid, it lubricates the brackets and makes the bracket slide in easier. Slide all the brackets into position and you’re ready to clip your blind on.

3. Clipping the blinds in

Line up your brackets to where the punch holes are in the frame. On the bracket, there is a little lip or lug, this lip is what is going to connect to the frame. This is what keeps the frame attached to the door. Line the blind up and clip the blind in, if the brackets are in the right place it will clip in easy.

If it hasn’t lined up perfectly (as shown on video) just slide the bracket up or down, and then clip it in. Once the brackets are clipped in, the blind is solid and it will not come off.  That is your blind complete.

4. Operation techniques

We find the blind is best to operate is by placing two fingers on top of the handle, apply pressure downwards to send the blind down. To lift up put your hands underneath the bottom bar and gently lift it.

5. How to remove a perfect fit blind off the window

You might want to take the perfect fit blind off the window. It is best to take this off with a flat head screw driver. Press the lip on the bracket on all brackets, and the blind will come off. People do this to clean their windows, or if there is damage to their window’s

Fitting perfect fit blinds to smaller window with handle

Let demonstrate fitting perfect fit blinds on a small window, with a handle. This smaller opening window has a window handle which can sometimes cause issues.

This bead is smaller on this window, so we use a 20mm bracket. Same process as before slide the brackets into place.  Clip the blind on the same as above, locate the punch holes to the brackets.

The brackets are slightly out of place but this is a great thing to show you. You can see it is easy to adjust and put them in place. Clip your blind on and you are ready to operate your blind

Contact us

If you do have any questions we do measure and fit in our local area, you can see this is our showroom in Blackpool Lancashire. You are more than welcome to come and visit us and we can run you through all of this in person. You can call us, email us , we offer whatsapp video calling.

We are here to help you as much as we can. Please watch the measuring video as measuring the blinds correctly is really important.

Grey frame perfect fit blind
Grey frame perfect fit blind

Video on How To Fit Day And Night Blinds & A Guide To Vision Roller Blinds

A guide to day and night roller blinds

Hello, my name is Ryan from Blinds superstore I wanted to talk to you today about vision roller blinds and show you a few which we have in our showroom.

Different names – Vision roller blinds have lots of different names but they are all effectively the same thing. They can be called vision roller blinds, day and night blinds, or they can be called zebra roller blinds. I wanted to show you how these blinds operate.

Metal chain operation – Vision roller blinds or day and night roller blinds work using a metal chain, this chain doesn’t have any connectors due to the nature of the product needing to wind round the control more than a standard roller blind.

All the way up and down – These blinds go up and down just like any other normal roller blind. What is happening when you see the stripes changing is there is two layers or fabric. Our vision roller blinds have a colour co-ordinated metal bottom bar where the two layers of fabric are sliding past one another. The blinds can fully retract as we can demonstrate here in this video, this is a popular question that we get asked. They do fully operate to the bottom of your windows as demonstrated. The way we make these blinds and the way they are designed is when they get to the bottom they are in the closed position. When the blind meets your floor or window sill they are in the stripes are in the closed position.  You can then lift the blind a single stripe and you will then gain around 40 – 50% of light to enter the room whilst maintaining privacy as your blind is still close to the bottom of the window. This is a fantastic product for light control entering the room.

Motorised Vision Roller Blinds – You can get day and night blinds as a motorised option which then removes the need for any cords or chains. With our electric vision blinds you receive a wireless remote which can control up to 5 blinds at the same time and you also have the option to control blinds individually. There is no need for use of separate batteries like AA’s for instance. Our battery operated roller blinds have a built-in lithium ion battery. Our electric day and night blinds goes up and down using the remote as you can view in our video. You can stop the blind wherever suit you in your window recess. The blind can go fully up and fully down just like a normal roller blind.

Our motorised vision rollers have a 6-month run time before the need to re-charge. Recharging the blind is super easy and is charged the same way you would charge your phone using 3 pin plug. The full charge time is 4 hours from flat to fully charged. We tell customers that our electric roller blinds t is a 6-month run time but we have had blinds in the showroom which have frequent use daily and we have not charged far them past this suggested run time. Automating your day and night blinds is now made incredibly easy without the need for hard wiring to the mains. You can directly link to our motorised blinds section here where we have videos and further information. https://www.blinds-superstore.co.uk/Motorised-Roller-Blinds.aspx?motor=wired

Fabrics & Cassette colours – We have lots of different fabrics which is all available on the website in the Vision Roller Blinds section. We also have lots of  different cassette and bottom bar colours for you to choose from. We have got some on show here in white, silver, cream, black, brushed chrome and satin which all look really good to compliment your home.

Bracket types – We can supply you with two different types of bracket. One of the brackets is the top fix bracket which we can show you here. All this bracket means is the bracket is normally being used for a top fixing option, this bracket usually gets top fixed upwards into the recess. We also have a face fix bracket which we can show you here, all this bracket means is the bracket is being face fixed horizontally into your wall or straight into your windows.

Window handles – Vision roller blinds are a really great product as missing window handles, they are designed to naturally miss your window handles as they all roll off the front of the cassette box. This means you don’t have to project your blinds away from your window frames.

Fitting day and night roller blinds

How to install a vision blind. I have already installed the brackets into the window frame, I have used a face fixing bracket. We are going to clip the blind in by simply locating the cassette to the front lip on the bracket as shown, and then push up and the blind will locate into the bracket. You will normally hear the blind click into place. We have already installed the safety clip onto the window.

Safety Clips – You will always receive safety clips and warning tags on your blinds to highlight child safety. We have to supply these safety clips by law and we strongly recommend installing safety clips for your window blinds.

Close up fitting example – We will just show you how the brackets clip into place at the top on one of the pieces of frame we have on the desk, sometimes people make it look really easy especially when you have fitted as many blinds as we have. Here is the front of the blind and you locate the blind at the top and clip it into place. The bracket has a larger lip at the back which you can lift up to unclip the blind if you ever need to take you blinds down. The face fix bracket works in exactly same method of clicking into place.

Contact us – We hope this has been really helpful, we are here to help you as much as we can. If you have any questions please get in touch. We physically make the blinds here at our factory, our blinds are not inferior imported products from China. We get all our components from a company called Louvolite in Manchester to ensure a high high quality. If you want to give us a call or email please don’t hesitate to do so. https://www.blinds-superstore.co.uk/Contact.aspx

Faux Wood Blinds

Everything you need to know about Faux wood blinds

Faux wood blinds the complete guide

Since the initial release nearly 10 years ago the faux-wood blinds have come a long way. Initially bought for solely for kitchens and bathrooms with a limited number of slats; times have completely changed with 3 collections with over 30 colour choices and textures to choose from.

Before 2012 sales of real wooden blinds took up over 90% of market sales. Sales in 2017 on our site Blinds Superstore has seen record sales in faux wood Venetian blinds. Faux wood blinds now outsell real wood on a weekly basis.

Faux wood blinds are environmentally FRIENDLY
Faux wood blinds
Faux wood blinds save the trees

These blinds are incredibly Eco friendly compared to its direct rival the real wood. This blinds screams from the roof tops ‘’Lets save the rain forest and hug some trees’’. Faux wood blinds use sustainable materials, its ticks a lot of boxes on the Eco-friendly front and who doesn’t love that! Faux wood blinds can be sourced locally and doesn’t have to come from China, this saves massively on its carbon footprint.

How do faux wood blinds look?
Faux Wood blinds
Faux wood blinds

Being Eco-friendly is great but does it look good? The answer now is yes. Originally faux wood venetian blinds looked a little plastic and shiny when first released; but the collection has had 3 major face lifts. From a recent short poll we have taken, over 95% of customers couldn’t tell the difference between real wood and faux wood. We backed this poll up by asking customers who visit the showroom. The results again incredibly high with 82 / 100 people couldn’t tell the difference between the two types of blinds.

White faux wood blind
White faux wood blinds

Our latest collections have considered the latest neutral trends with several colours of crisp clean whites, subtle creams, and modern greys. All of these slats come with smooth and textured slats finishes. Faux wood blinds have a large selection of the traditional natural wood look effect slats available also; classics such as beech, oak, rowan, to name just a few. These slats come textured with realistic natural grains embedded on the slats to give a depth and natural look.

Indestructible faux wood blinds
Broken blinds
Pets and broken blinds

Its looks good, feels good, and saves the trees! Compressed PVC slats are incredibly durable, they don’t warp in the sun like real wood, they are harder to break as they can flex unlike a real wood.

Designed originally for kitchens and bathrooms faux wood don’t peal or chip like real wooden blinds. You could quite happily saturate the blinds in water and chuck a bottle of ketchup on for good measure and the slats would just wipe clean. Having a flexible slat is a massive bonus and can prolong the life of your blind as damages do happen in the home, for example with pets…..

Money Money Money
Faux wood blinds sale

Sometimes it just comes down the how much something is going to cost, especially when you are buying online you want to grab yourself a bargain and save plenty against the high street RRP. Our faux-wood Venetian blinds are incredibly cost effective against real wooden blinds, faux wood is cheaper on all sizes and styles.

White wooden blinds

Welcome to our article which we have dedicated to white wooden blinds. White wooden blinds are one of the most popular products in the UK that sells in the blinds industry. You know that your buying a popular and stylish blind when choosing this product. Lets get straight into what makes these blinds great.


Types – You now have two different options when it comes to your wooden Venetian blind. The traditional option is the real wood blind, but the new design is the compressed PVC wooden blinds, also known as the Faux wood blind.

  • Real wood – This is exactly what is says on the tin; the blinds are made from real wood straight from nature. As you will agree there are different qualities of real wood blinds so don’t be fooled when you see the phrase ‘real wood blinds’. The question is what type of real wood is going into these blinds? Would you be happy to accept a real wood mdf blind? Here at blinds superstore our wooden blinds are made from sustainable forests. We only use the best quality, our real wood blinds are made from Basswood; this ensure quality and a longer lasting product at your windows.

faux wood, wood blinds

  • Faux wood Venetian – The new kid on the block for wooden Venetian blinds. Faux woods are a relatively new product. They have been around for around 10 years now but have really started to become popular the past 2-3 years. This product was originally designed based around a flaw that real wooden blinds are not suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, generally any moist environments as the real wood can warp, crack and peal due to the moisture. It was sold as a blind for kitchen and bathrooms. After a few years this product really started to take off, the range has been expanded to offer just as many slats as real wood. The slats became that good customers found it difficult to tell which was real wood and which was faux wood. This was the turning point, customers realised that they could have a robust, sleek, smart looking wooden blind which is more manageable, easy to clean, cheaper and friendly to the environment. This is one of win win win situations. On our wooden blind page look our for the Eco-wood range and the Faux-wood collection for all your PVC wood Venetian blinds


Colours – You would think that there wouldn’t be many options to choose from when your looking for a white wooden blind, i mean how many different shades of white / off white wooden blinds can there be? A LOT. Choice is the spice of life, and we know that no two homes are the same, no two people are the same as we all have different tastes. There is a great selection of natural colours to choose from which also have different textures. We have the clean crisp brilliant whites, sophisticated sleek polar and pure whites, white woods with a creamy tones for a gentler finish. Selecting colours is one aspect but what finish would you like also, you can choose a natural grain effect which oozes with charachter and brings added depth. Or you can have a magnificent smooth slat for a super contemporary finish.

Slats sizes – Your white wooden blinds also come in a variety of different slat sizes for you to choose from. This is an important factor to decide. Many customers try to replicate the look of a plantation shutter and select a larger 50 millimetre slat. One of the additional benefits of having a larger slat is these blinds allow extra light into the the window compares to smaller slats. Also customers like the 50mm slats as there is less to clean compares to smaller slats; for example if a 1000mm window in a 50mm slat needs 20 slats, the same window in a 25mm slat would need closer to 40 slats. The 50mm slat also lends itself to larger windows. Some customers prefer the smaller 35 millimetre slats and 25 millimetre slats, which can suit smaller windows like en-suites for example.

As always we are here to help, we have been selling online for 8 years. We have also been measuring and fitting blinds for 25 years in our local area in Lancashire so we know blinds inside and out. We tell everyone our advice and experience is free, we want you get to your blinds right first time at get them at an amazing price. Please feel free to get in touch via our contact us page 🙂


Wood blinds, White wooden blinds

Complete guide of day and night blinds 2018

Day and Night Roller Blinds Guide

Capri Electric Vision Roller blinds
Electric Vision Roller blind

We love this new contemporary roller blind. Day and night blinds can truly transform a room into something special and create that Wow factor! Ideal for all over the home, looking fantastic internally and externally.

Please watch our Youtube video on day and night blinds. This video runs through all the benefits of how this blind works. This video also shows how to install a day and night blind into a window.

5 benefits of Day and night blinds

Day and night blind fabrics –  You have a huge selection of fabrics to choose from with unlimited FREE SAMPLES. Our fabrics include plains, patterns, blackouts, and bold bright colourways.

Look no further than Blinds Superstore for your day and night roller blinds

Price Promise – Price is high on the list of priorities when shopping online. We offer a price promise on like for like day and night roller blinds. We feel we offer a higher quality product on our day and night rollers compared  to other online retailers.

British made blinds
British made day and night blinds

British Hand Made – We are incredibly proud to be a British manufacturer of day and night roller blinds.  We have always used locally sourced quality British products. We are here to help; hundreds of our customers every year send us pictures of their windows via email, whatsapp, and video call. Or you visit us in person at our showroom in Lancashire.

Day and night blinds
Day and night blind – Open cassette with chain

Operating day and night blinds – You have two choices on how to operate your blinds.

  • Chain operated is the standard method of operation. Vision blinds use a geared control unit for easy operation; with a metal chain for a strong & stylish finish.
  • Motorised blind operation. For £99 you will receive a wireless blind with rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Simply install as usual and your ready to go. No electrician or batteries needed!

Open cassette chrome
Open cassette Chrome

Cassette colours – Our day and night roller blinds come in a variety of cassetted colours. We have White, Cream, Black, Silver, Chrome, Bronze and satin silver.

Wide width day and night blinds  – All our blinds come fully made to measure. As we manufacture the blinds at our factory we can achieve much wider widths compared to other companies. Reaching up to 2800mm, which is perfect for door areas such as bi-folds and patio doors.

Day and night blinds light control – One of the best blinds to help you have complete light control. Ideal for south facing windows & doors. Day and night roller blinds are like a mixture of a Venetian and roller blind, combining the best bits from each product. Having two layers of fabric sliding past one another allows you ultimate light control and privacy at all points in your windows or doors.

Day and night blinds
Day and night roller in open position
Day and night roller blind closed
Day and night roller in close position