4 must know facts when buying blinds for doors

What are the best blinds for doors?

If you are asking yourself what are the best blinds for doors, you have come to the ultimate door blind buying guide.

Our company has measured, made, and fitted THOUSANDS of blinds to doors over the past 25 years. Ask yourself the 4 key question to ask when measuring window blinds for doors.

4 must know facts when measuring blinds for doors

  1. Window Handle
    Blind next to handle

    Handles – With all blinds for doors, you will have to consider are the door handles going to interfere with the blinds.

  • Do you need to project the blind out into the recess to make sure the blinds miss the handle?
  • Is there enough clearance to have a blind fitted to the doors? The door blind slides behind the handle as shown on the image
  • Can a perfect fit blind or INTU blind be installed without effecting the handle
  1. Where to mount my door blinds – Do you go inside recess or outside recess?

    outside and inside recess diagram
    Inside recess and outside recess example
  • Outside recess is great when there is no much head height available so when drawn, the blind won’t interfere with the recess. Also a great option for inward opening doors
  • Inside recess is great when you have a good height so the blind won’t interfere with walking in and out the doors.
  • Door mounted blinds fitted directly to your door is a great option and is very convenient for daily use. Products like 25mm aluminium venetians and roller blinds are ideal as they slide neatly behind the door handle
  • Perfect fit blinds – A fantastic solution for many door types. Flush easy fitting door blind that requires no drilling.

  1. Do my doors open internally or externally?
  • Most doors open externally away from the house, if this is the case all blind products be installed in a variety of ways. Please see question 2 to find the best solution for you
  • Internal opening doors swing into the house. You must consider how to fit your blinds. Fitting inside recess may cause the door to hit the window blind. This can limit the use of the door. Internally opening blinds are ideally suited to outside recess, and Perfect fit blinds
Bi-folding doors
Bi-folding doors opening internally
  1. Convenience & Practicality – Blinds for door areas are typically high traffic areas that require you to walk through, the blinds need to be convenient and practical. Do you use the doors a lot throughout the week?
  • Perfect fit door blinds
    Perfect fit blinds

    Inside recess mounted and outside recess mounted blinds are best for when the doors are not used as frequently, this is simply due to the fact if the blind is down you will have to operate it to use the door each time you wish to use.

  • Fitted door blinds and perfect fit blinds are incredibly convenient as they are physically attached to the door so the blinds goes with the door when operates


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