Ultimate Electric Roller blinds Guide 2018

Ultimate Electric Roller Blinds Guide 2018

Electric roller blinds are very real and available today from our dedicated motorised roller blind page. With so many products now automated the window blinds industry has jumped on the bandwagon and produced some fantastic electric blind solutions.

Capri Electric Vision Roller blinds
Electric Vision Roller blind

There are many questions to ask regarding electric Roller blinds; we wanted to make this guide really easy to read in plain English without any complicated techno jargon.

We manufacture our motorised blinds at our factory in Lancashire to guarantee your quality. Our two motorised products we offer is standard roller blinds and day and night roller blinds. 

We have done a quick fire video about Vision motorised blinds here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Nv6kzHoV44

How will my electric roller blinds be powered?

Firstly let us say you wont need an electrician, no electrician is needed! Our powered blinds are trouble free and incredibly easy.

Built in lithium-ion battery
Built in lithium-ion battery

We use a British motor for our roller blinds, from a company called Louvolite blinds. Our motorised blinds all come with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery.


What on earth does this mean……this means that you charge your blind exactly the same way you would charge your phone, tablet, or toothbrush. Simply use a 3 pin plug and away you go. We like easy, simple and convenient powered roller blinds, you therefore wont be needed the following:

  • Don’t need to hard-wire your roller blinds (no electrician needed)
  • Defiantly wont be needed any double AA batteries!

How long do motorised blinds run for?

Electric blinds run time
Electric blinds with 6 month run rime

Our electric blinds run for approximately 6 months dependant on use. We have several blinds on show in our showroom which has far exceeded this time. Once the blind is out of charge, simply plug it in via the 3 pin plug to charge for 4 hours. Once this charge is complete your blind will be good as new with a fresh 6 month run time.

How do i operate my electric blinds?

We wanted to select the easiest method possible with our motorised roller blinds, and that is a wireless operation via remote control. We have two remotes you can choose.

  • Electric blinds remote
    Wireless electric roller blind remote

    Standard remote – Control up to 5 blinds at the same time. This is a fantastic feature in bay windows or conservatories. You can also control the blinds individually. To make it even easier we program everything for you before it leaves the factory.


  • Super channel remote – We also offer a 14 channel remote. This can operate 14 blinds of one remote.

Money money money – £99

Lets talk about money! Comparing against direct competitors we wipe the floor with them on price. Our motorised blind price is transparent and easy, its £99 for your first blind, then £89 for any further blinds. Companies like Somfy cannot get near us on price.

Did we mention that we buy our motorised roller blinds from one of the leading UK suppliers Louvolite. Be assured your getting quality at an amazing price

Can you control via Alexa? Smart Roller blinds?

Alexa smart blinds
Smart electric roller blinds with Alexa

Yes, you can now link your motorised roller blind to Alexa to control your blinds for a small up charge. You now have a smart electric roller blind. If these motorised blinds wasn’t already very cool; adding a smart option sprinkles awesome all over it!

Electric Roller blinds for bi-fold doors?

Electric roller blindsCan you put motorised blinds on bi-folding doors? Electric blinds can be installed onto the bi-folding door area.

Almost all bi-folding doors have 3 or more panels, and have a wide width.

  1. Can i have one really large electric roller blind for my bi-folding doors?

This can be done depending on the size of the bi-folding doors. Our motorised day and night roller blinds can reach width of up to 2800mm (2.8 meters)

2.  If it is too big, can i split the blinds up into sections to cover each panel of doors?

YES. Each roller or vision roller blind would have its own motor. This does increase the price, but it also increases your flexibility with light control. You can choose which blinds you want up and down.

3. Electric roller blind for patio door or french doors?

YES. The same applies to patio doors and french doors as it does to the bi-folding doors.

For further information please contact us via our main site here. We are here to help as much as we can, we know its good to run through things over the phone or email.


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