Measuring perfect fit blinds

The ultimate measuring perfect fit blinds guide

Simple tools needed – When measuring perfect fit blinds you need a metal tape measure, piece of paper and a pen. We advise you to measure in millimetres or centimetres, but we can work in inches as well.

UPVC or Aluminium windows – Before measuring perfect fit blinds, you need to check your windows are uPVC. You can put perfect fit blinds onto Aluminium frames as well, most of the time this is for bi-folding doors.

Measuring perfect fit blinds

We are going to measure a small opening window with a handle and thick rubber bead. We also have a door to measure which has a different bead and a much smaller rubber.

Step by step on measuring perfect fit blinds

Step 1 – Check your clearance

You need to have a 25mm clearance from the glass (where the glass finishes), to any obstruction like a window handle or vents.  If you don’t have clearance, you can request a window handle spacer to make sure it doesn’t interfere.

To check you have the clearance, measure from your glass to any obstruction. On this window in the video we have 30 millimetres so the handle won’t cause any obstructions.

Step 2 – Measure and Check

It is best to measure in 3 different points, you can make sure each measurement is very similar to one another. Always take the smallest measurement. We recommend to measure what physical glass you can see, don’t worry about your bead or whether it is compressible or not just measure what physical glass you can see.

Perfect fit is quite a forgiving product because we have got a 25mm overlap. If you are a few millimetres small on your measurements it isn’t the end of the world because you have got the tolerance in the frame overlap.

Step 3 – Measure the glass

Measure the glass and measure in three different points and make sure you are getting similar measurements each time and write that down. Always take the smallest measurement. One you have taken your width then take your drop and do the same thing again and measure in 3 different points. Just physically measure the glass.

Step 4 – Measure Bead depth

Your bead depth must be 18mm or above. There are lots of different brackets on offer, there is 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 30mm, and 38mm. The best way to measure your bead is use a tape measure and a piece of paper. If you offer the tape measure onto the glass and offer a piece of paper onto it.

On our video our bead depth is 20mm, so this will need a 20mm bracket.

Step 5 – Measure for perfect fit door blinds

This door has a different profile and its also got a different bead.  We do the same process again and measure the width and drop in three different places.

We do the same practice again to measure the depth. Hold your tape measure against the glass, as you can see on this occasion the depth is slightly thicker, this bead is a 24mm bracket.

Don’t worry too much about your brackets, if worst case scenario you order a wrong bracket we can always send you larger brackets or smaller brackets.

Get in touch – We are here to help, we have expert knowledge from years of measuring perfect fit blinds in our local area. We have created this video from our showroom in Blackpool Lancashire, you are more than welcome to come and visit us in person. You can call, email, whatsapp pictures or whatsapp video call. We are here to make sure you get it perfect first time.

To view our perfect fit blind collection please visit our perfect fit blind page here

Measuring perfect fit blinds
Measuring perfect fit blinds
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Fitting Perfect Fit Blinds

Complete guide to fitting perfect fit blinds

Welcome to our video and text guide on fitting perfect fit blinds. This guide also covers every step of assembling your perfect fit blinds.

Step by step guide on assembling perfect fit blinds

1. Assembly of your perfect fit blinds

We are going to build a perfect fit pleated blind today. The process of building and installing a perfect fit Venetian blind is exactly the same.

We have taken it out of the box to get it ready. The blind will come with the top and bottom wrapped up, and you will also get two side pieces of frame. The reason we do this is so the blind comes pre-tensioned for you.

Simply un wrap the blind from top to bottom as shown in the video.

2. Un-wrapping and tension

Un-wrap your perfect fit blind. Simple un-wrap from top to bottom, taking extra care not to get the string tangled. There is a spring at the bottom of the perfect fit blind, this is what tensions your blind. We will now slot the two sides pieces of frame onto the blind. Once the sides are on the blind is tensioned.

3. Installing the side frames

We need to install the side frame. Find the flat lip of the frame, you want the flat lip to be pointing inwards, do this on either side. Slot the frame into the corner joints on all 4 corners. There is a little slot which your frame pushes up to and locates perfectly.

4. Screwing the FRAME together

Now the frame is slotted into the corner joint you need your screw driver. There will be some gold screws on the corner joint, simply tighten them up and that is that corner done. Do the same on all the remaining corners. As your putting the top section together you will feel the little bit of restriction or tension from the blind and that’s good. You can use an electric screw driver which can be a little quicker if you have one.

5. Operation guide and re-tensioning

Perfect fit blinds work the same for pleated and venetian. You get a little handle here on the bottom bar which sends the blind up and down. If you wanted to re-tension your blind at anytime; simply undo the knot on the spring on one end and apply extra tension to the spring.

This is a good piece of knowledge to know about your perfect fit blinds as over the course of time your blinds may lose tension after several years.

Fitting perfect fit on doors
Fitting perfect fit blinds on doors

Step by step guide to fitting perfect fit blinds

Now we come to fitting perfect fit blinds, we have a door to fit this perfect fit blind to. Perfect fit is a fantastic blind for upvc doors and bi-folding doors.

1. Marking your brackets

There are two methods of marking your brackets. Firstly you can mark where the punch holes are in the frame as shown in the video. You can mark your brackets in using a credit card, by holding a card in the corners and marking at the bottom, this mark is where your brackets are going to go.

Do this for all punch holes in the frames.  Now you have marked up move your blind out of the way, we are ready to put the brackets into position.

2. Sliding in your brackets
Perfect fit blind bracket
Perfect fit blind bracket

The brackets are really easy to install,  it is just sliding the brackets behind your seal.  The best way for any tougher beads in to use fairy liquid, it lubricates the brackets and makes the bracket slide in easier. Slide all the brackets into position and you’re ready to clip your blind on.

3. Clipping the blinds in

Line up your brackets to where the punch holes are in the frame. On the bracket, there is a little lip or lug, this lip is what is going to connect to the frame. This is what keeps the frame attached to the door. Line the blind up and clip the blind in, if the brackets are in the right place it will clip in easy.

If it hasn’t lined up perfectly (as shown on video) just slide the bracket up or down, and then clip it in. Once the brackets are clipped in, the blind is solid and it will not come off.  That is your blind complete.

4. Operation techniques

We find the blind is best to operate is by placing two fingers on top of the handle, apply pressure downwards to send the blind down. To lift up put your hands underneath the bottom bar and gently lift it.

5. How to remove a perfect fit blind off the window

You might want to take the perfect fit blind off the window. It is best to take this off with a flat head screw driver. Press the lip on the bracket on all brackets, and the blind will come off. People do this to clean their windows, or if there is damage to their window’s

Fitting perfect fit blinds to smaller window with handle

Let demonstrate fitting perfect fit blinds on a small window, with a handle. This smaller opening window has a window handle which can sometimes cause issues.

This bead is smaller on this window, so we use a 20mm bracket. Same process as before slide the brackets into place.  Clip the blind on the same as above, locate the punch holes to the brackets.

The brackets are slightly out of place but this is a great thing to show you. You can see it is easy to adjust and put them in place. Clip your blind on and you are ready to operate your blind

Contact us

If you do have any questions we do measure and fit in our local area, you can see this is our showroom in Blackpool Lancashire. You are more than welcome to come and visit us and we can run you through all of this in person. You can call us, email us , we offer whatsapp video calling.

We are here to help you as much as we can. Please watch the measuring video as measuring the blinds correctly is really important.

Grey frame perfect fit blind
Grey frame perfect fit blind
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