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Everything you need to know about Faux wood blinds

Faux wood blinds the complete guide

Since the initial release nearly 10 years ago the faux-wood blinds have come a long way. Initially bought for solely for kitchens and bathrooms with a limited number of slats; times have completely changed with 3 collections with over 30 colour choices and textures to choose from.

Before 2012 sales of real wooden blinds took up over 90% of market sales. Sales in 2017 on our site Blinds Superstore has seen record sales in faux wood Venetian blinds. Faux wood blinds now outsell real wood on a weekly basis.

Faux wood blinds are environmentally FRIENDLY
Faux wood blinds
Faux wood blinds save the trees

These blinds are incredibly Eco friendly compared to its direct rival the real wood. This blinds screams from the roof tops ‘’Lets save the rain forest and hug some trees’’. Faux wood blinds use sustainable materials, its ticks a lot of boxes on the Eco-friendly front and who doesn’t love that! Faux wood blinds can be sourced locally and doesn’t have to come from China, this saves massively on its carbon footprint.

How do faux wood blinds look?
Faux Wood blinds
Faux wood blinds

Being Eco-friendly is great but does it look good? The answer now is yes. Originally faux wood venetian blinds looked a little plastic and shiny when first released; but the collection has had 3 major face lifts. From a recent short poll we have taken, over 95% of customers couldn’t tell the difference between real wood and faux wood. We backed this poll up by asking customers who visit the showroom. The results again incredibly high with 82 / 100 people couldn’t tell the difference between the two types of blinds.

White faux wood blind
White faux wood blinds

Our latest collections have considered the latest neutral trends with several colours of crisp clean whites, subtle creams, and modern greys. All of these slats come with smooth and textured slats finishes. Faux wood blinds have a large selection of the traditional natural wood look effect slats available also; classics such as beech, oak, rowan, to name just a few. These slats come textured with realistic natural grains embedded on the slats to give a depth and natural look.

Indestructible faux wood blinds
Broken blinds
Pets and broken blinds

Its looks good, feels good, and saves the trees! Compressed PVC slats are incredibly durable, they don’t warp in the sun like real wood, they are harder to break as they can flex unlike a real wood.

Designed originally for kitchens and bathrooms faux wood don’t peal or chip like real wooden blinds. You could quite happily saturate the blinds in water and chuck a bottle of ketchup on for good measure and the slats would just wipe clean. Having a flexible slat is a massive bonus and can prolong the life of your blind as damages do happen in the home, for example with pets…..

Money Money Money
Faux wood blinds sale

Sometimes it just comes down the how much something is going to cost, especially when you are buying online you want to grab yourself a bargain and save plenty against the high street RRP. Our faux-wood Venetian blinds are incredibly cost effective against real wooden blinds, faux wood is cheaper on all sizes and styles.

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