Video on How To Fit Day And Night Blinds & A Guide To Vision Roller Blinds

A guide to day and night roller blinds

Hello, my name is Ryan from Blinds superstore I wanted to talk to you today about vision roller blinds and show you a few which we have in our showroom.

Different names – Vision roller blinds have lots of different names but they are all effectively the same thing. They can be called vision roller blinds, day and night blinds, or they can be called zebra roller blinds. I wanted to show you how these blinds operate.

Metal chain operation – Vision roller blinds or day and night roller blinds work using a metal chain, this chain doesn’t have any connectors due to the nature of the product needing to wind round the control more than a standard roller blind.

All the way up and down – These blinds go up and down just like any other normal roller blind. What is happening when you see the stripes changing is there is two layers or fabric. Our vision roller blinds have a colour co-ordinated metal bottom bar where the two layers of fabric are sliding past one another. The blinds can fully retract as we can demonstrate here in this video, this is a popular question that we get asked. They do fully operate to the bottom of your windows as demonstrated. The way we make these blinds and the way they are designed is when they get to the bottom they are in the closed position. When the blind meets your floor or window sill they are in the stripes are in the closed position.  You can then lift the blind a single stripe and you will then gain around 40 – 50% of light to enter the room whilst maintaining privacy as your blind is still close to the bottom of the window. This is a fantastic product for light control entering the room.

Motorised Vision Roller Blinds – You can get day and night blinds as a motorised option which then removes the need for any cords or chains. With our electric vision blinds you receive a wireless remote which can control up to 5 blinds at the same time and you also have the option to control blinds individually. There is no need for use of separate batteries like AA’s for instance. Our battery operated roller blinds have a built-in lithium ion battery. Our electric day and night blinds goes up and down using the remote as you can view in our video. You can stop the blind wherever suit you in your window recess. The blind can go fully up and fully down just like a normal roller blind.

Our motorised vision rollers have a 6-month run time before the need to re-charge. Recharging the blind is super easy and is charged the same way you would charge your phone using 3 pin plug. The full charge time is 4 hours from flat to fully charged. We tell customers that our electric roller blinds t is a 6-month run time but we have had blinds in the showroom which have frequent use daily and we have not charged far them past this suggested run time. Automating your day and night blinds is now made incredibly easy without the need for hard wiring to the mains. You can directly link to our motorised blinds section here where we have videos and further information.

Fabrics & Cassette colours – We have lots of different fabrics which is all available on the website in the Vision Roller Blinds section. We also have lots of  different cassette and bottom bar colours for you to choose from. We have got some on show here in white, silver, cream, black, brushed chrome and satin which all look really good to compliment your home.

Bracket types – We can supply you with two different types of bracket. One of the brackets is the top fix bracket which we can show you here. All this bracket means is the bracket is normally being used for a top fixing option, this bracket usually gets top fixed upwards into the recess. We also have a face fix bracket which we can show you here, all this bracket means is the bracket is being face fixed horizontally into your wall or straight into your windows.

Window handles – Vision roller blinds are a really great product as missing window handles, they are designed to naturally miss your window handles as they all roll off the front of the cassette box. This means you don’t have to project your blinds away from your window frames.

Fitting day and night roller blinds

How to install a vision blind. I have already installed the brackets into the window frame, I have used a face fixing bracket. We are going to clip the blind in by simply locating the cassette to the front lip on the bracket as shown, and then push up and the blind will locate into the bracket. You will normally hear the blind click into place. We have already installed the safety clip onto the window.

Safety Clips – You will always receive safety clips and warning tags on your blinds to highlight child safety. We have to supply these safety clips by law and we strongly recommend installing safety clips for your window blinds.

Close up fitting example – We will just show you how the brackets clip into place at the top on one of the pieces of frame we have on the desk, sometimes people make it look really easy especially when you have fitted as many blinds as we have. Here is the front of the blind and you locate the blind at the top and clip it into place. The bracket has a larger lip at the back which you can lift up to unclip the blind if you ever need to take you blinds down. The face fix bracket works in exactly same method of clicking into place.

Contact us – We hope this has been really helpful, we are here to help you as much as we can. If you have any questions please get in touch. We physically make the blinds here at our factory, our blinds are not inferior imported products from China. We get all our components from a company called Louvolite in Manchester to ensure a high high quality. If you want to give us a call or email please don’t hesitate to do so.

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