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White wooden blinds

Welcome to our article which we have dedicated to white wooden blinds. White wooden blinds are one of the most popular products in the UK that sells in the blinds industry. You know that your buying a popular and stylish blind when choosing this product. Lets get straight into what makes these blinds great.


Types – You now have two different options when it comes to your wooden Venetian blind. The traditional option is the real wood blind, but the new design is the compressed PVC wooden blinds, also known as the Faux wood blind.

  • Real wood – This is exactly what is says on the tin; the blinds are made from real wood straight from nature. As you will agree there are different qualities of real wood blinds so don’t be fooled when you see the phrase ‘real wood blinds’. The question is what type of real wood is going into these blinds? Would you be happy to accept a real wood mdf blind? Here at blinds superstore our wooden blinds are made from sustainable forests. We only use the best quality, our real wood blinds are made from Basswood; this ensure quality and a longer lasting product at your windows.

faux wood, wood blinds

  • Faux wood Venetian – The new kid on the block for wooden Venetian blinds. Faux woods are a relatively new product. They have been around for around 10 years now but have really started to become popular the past 2-3 years. This product was originally designed based around a flaw that real wooden blinds are not suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, generally any moist environments as the real wood can warp, crack and peal due to the moisture. It was sold as a blind for kitchen and bathrooms. After a few years this product really started to take off, the range has been expanded to offer just as many slats as real wood. The slats became that good customers found it difficult to tell which was real wood and which was faux wood. This was the turning point, customers realised that they could have a robust, sleek, smart looking wooden blind which is more manageable, easy to clean, cheaper and friendly to the environment. This is one of win win win situations. On our wooden blind page look our for the Eco-wood range and the Faux-wood collection for all your PVC wood Venetian blinds


Colours – You would think that there wouldn’t be many options to choose from when your looking for a white wooden blind, i mean how many different shades of white / off white wooden blinds can there be? A LOT. Choice is the spice of life, and we know that no two homes are the same, no two people are the same as we all have different tastes. There is a great selection of natural colours to choose from which also have different textures. We have the clean crisp brilliant whites, sophisticated sleek polar and pure whites, white woods with a creamy tones for a gentler finish. Selecting colours is one aspect but what finish would you like also, you can choose a natural grain effect which oozes with charachter and brings added depth. Or you can have a magnificent smooth slat for a super contemporary finish.

Slats sizes – Your white wooden blinds also come in a variety of different slat sizes for you to choose from. This is an important factor to decide. Many customers try to replicate the look of a plantation shutter and select a larger 50 millimetre slat. One of the additional benefits of having a larger slat is these blinds allow extra light into the the window compares to smaller slats. Also customers like the 50mm slats as there is less to clean compares to smaller slats; for example if a 1000mm window in a 50mm slat needs 20 slats, the same window in a 25mm slat would need closer to 40 slats. The 50mm slat also lends itself to larger windows. Some customers prefer the smaller 35 millimetre slats and 25 millimetre slats, which can suit smaller windows like en-suites for example.

As always we are here to help, we have been selling online for 8 years. We have also been measuring and fitting blinds for 25 years in our local area in Lancashire so we know blinds inside and out. We tell everyone our advice and experience is free, we want you get to your blinds right first time at get them at an amazing price. Please feel free to get in touch via our contact us page 🙂


Wood blinds, White wooden blinds

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