A little about us and our ethos
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News Imagethank you for reading this article which tells you a little about who we are as a company and about our company ethos. we think it is important you know who you are buying from, we want you to know you are buying from a company that has strong core values at the heart of the business. 

we are family run and we have been for the past 25 years, it all started as a one man band running the company out of a shed who believed in offering quality products at fantastic prices his business plan was simple, if he did a great job at a great price people would tell their friends and family. we call this the snowball effect. fast forwards 25 years and we still have the same principles that david started all those years ago, offer a fantastic quality blind to our online customers with a incredibly price and people will talk and tell their friends and family. 

along the way more and more family members have joined the business and brought positive aspects with them. ryan who runs the online business has now brought his strong beliefs of recycling and being environmentally friendly to the business. when he brought this idea to the company he could only see a win win win by recycling. ryan realised that the more we recycle it obviously helps the planet but its also saved hundreds of pounds on buying products like cardboard. sticking with the cardboard example, we now recycle everything we possibly can when it comes to cardboard. we recieve hundreds of cardboard boxes and cardboard tubes from our supplier every day, we used to send this straight to the bin. ryan then realised we could reuse all of the cardboard being sent to us by the suppliers. this saved us having to buy cardboard products in, which means we are using less and saving money. when we can do this the savings are then passed directly to you.

this is just one example of how we are trying to be more and more eco-friendly. we are also in the process of looking into helping out local charities donating a percentage of our profits to good local causes. 

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