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Made To Measure Wooden Blinds

Made to measure wooden blinds - We have compiled the latest high quality wooden and faux-wood blinds available on the market. 

Huge Choice - All of our wooden blinds made to measure are made using the highest quality materials, in both our real wood collection and our revolutionary faux wood collection. We have many traditional natural slats and also several shades of the incredibly popular White, Creams, and Grey slats.

Made to measure - Every wooden blind we sell comes fully made to measure to your exact requirements.

Free & Fast delivery - Speed is a key factory for our customers, our standard lead time is 5-7 days but we do offer a Next Day Fast Track service also. All our bespoke wooden blinds are sent via fully insured courier which you can track direct to your door. Orders over £200 are eligible for Free Delivery.

Quality - We only use the finest materials available. Our British hand made real wood blinds uses high quality basswood. Our faux-wood blinds use the highest quality polymer PVC.

Guarantee - We want you to feel incredibly confident when buying your blinds, that is why we offer a 3 year parts guarantee of your real wood and faux-wood blinds.

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Moisture Wood Range

This faux wood collection has the natural texture and grain of wood but are designed for all those harsh environments such as wet rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. The slats are made from compressed PVC which make them fully water proof and durable in a harsh environment where moisture and steam would be an issue for real woods.

Autumn Gold|Moisture Wood Range|utumn Gold|2400|3000|320|200|||1
Autumn Gold
Chiffon|Moisture Wood Range|Chiffon|2400|3000|320|200|||1
Cinder|Moisture Wood Range|Cinder|2400|3000|320|200|||1
Haze|Moisture Wood Range|Haze|2400|3000|320|200|||1
Medium Oak|Moisture Wood Range|Medium Oak|2400|3000|320|200|||1
Medium Oak
Rustic Oak|Moisture Wood Range|Rustic Oak|2400|3000|320|200|||1
Rustic Oak
Snow|Moisture Wood Range|Snow|2400|3000|320|200|||1

Nature Wood Range Real basswood Venetian blinds. Extra 5% off with code: Real5

Available in the 10 most popular colours, these hardwood Venetian blinds are made from hi end material basswood, this making them very tough and hard wearing. The stylish and beautifully polished finish will look modern and elegant in any room.

White|Nature Wood Range|EW07|2400|2700|360|350|||1
Classic White|Nature Wood Range|EW08|2400|2700|360|350|||1
Classic White
Peachy White|Nature Wood Range|EW01|2400|2700|360|350|||1
Peachy White
Ivory|Nature Wood Range|EW10|2400|2700|360|350|||1
Cream|Nature Wood Range|EW05|2400|2700|360|350|||1
Beech|Nature Wood Range|EW04|2400|2700|360|350|||1
Honey|Nature Wood Range|EW02|2400|2700|360|350|||1
Oak|Nature Wood Range|EW03|2400|2700|360|350|||1
Hazel|Nature Wood Range|EW09|2400|2700|360|350|||1
Midnight|Nature Wood Range|EW06|2400|2700|360|350|||1

Wood Sunwood Range SUPER SALE NOW ON!!!

At Blind Superstore we only use the highest quality wood products! We don't use cheaper plastic alternatives as we believe in using only the best materials made in the UK!!

Auburn|Wood Sunwood Range|Auburn|2400|2700|350|350|||
Sunwood Beech|Wood Sunwood Range|Sunwood Beech|2400|2700|350|350|||
Sunwood Beech
Burnished Oak|Wood Sunwood Range|Burnished Oak|2400|2700|350|350|||
Burnished Oak
Chestnut|Wood Sunwood Range|Chestnut|2400|2700|350|350|||
Elm|Wood Sunwood Range|Elm|2400|2700|350|350|||
Hazel|Wood Sunwood Range|Hazel|2400|2700|350|350|||
Honey|Wood Sunwood Range|Honey|2400|2700|350|350|||
Ivory|Wood Sunwood Range|Ivory|2400|2700|350|350|||
Pine|Wood Sunwood Range|Pine|2400|2700|350|350|||
Polar|Wood Sunwood Range|Polar|2400|2700|350|350|||

Wooden Sunwood Range Highest quality basswood venetian blinds

At Blind Superstore we only use the highest quality wood products! We don't use cheaper plastic alternatives as we believe in using only the best materials made in the UK!!

Alder|Wooden Sunwood Range|Alder|2400|2700|350|350|||
Cabana|Wooden Sunwood Range|Cabana|2400|2700|350|350|||
Canadian Maple|Wooden Sunwood Range|Canadian Maple|2400|2700|350|350|||
Canadian Maple
Fired Walnut|Wooden Sunwood Range|Fired Walnut|2400|2700|350|350|||
Fired Walnut
Rowan|Wooden Sunwood Range|Rowan|2400|2700|350|350|||
Tuscan Oak|Wooden Sunwood Range|Tuscan Oak|2400|2700|350|350|||
Tuscan Oak

Sunwood 2018 Wood Collection now with 50% off RRP

The 2018 Collection is now available early! Beautiful British made wooden Venetian blinds made from the highest quality materials. Fantastic new range of colours to suit every home and the latest UK trends

Burnished Oak|Sunwood|Burnished Oak|2400|2700|360|350|||0
Burnished Oak
Canadian Maple|Sunwood|Canadian Maple|2400|2700|360|350|||0
Canadian Maple
Mirage Embossed|Sunwood|Mirage Embossed|2400|2700|360|350|||0
Mirage Embossed
Pure Gloss|Sunwood|Pure Gloss|2400|2700|360|350|||0
Pure Gloss
True Embossed|Sunwood|True Embossed|2400|2700|360|350|||0
True Embossed
Tuscan Oak|Sunwood|Tuscan Oak|2400|2700|360|350|||0
Tuscan Oak
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Thank you for reading about our made to measure wooden blinds from Blinds Superstore. We are passionate about providing our customers with quality affordable blinds that are made right here in the UK. As a family run business in the heart of Lancashire where we have measured and fitted 1000's of blinds. This gives us expert knowledge which we want to be able to pass onto you. We know first hand which are the best quality products that come from reliable factories in the UK. 

Colour & Slat Choice - Having a large selection to choose from gives you great choice to ensure you get the best blinds for your windows. We offer several traditional real wood slats such as beech, oak, honey, rowan and many more which bring the outside in to give you a home a real taste of nature in your home. Neutral colours are one of the biggest sellers in the UK and we have a wide selection for you to look through. We have many whites, ivory, creams and now the incredibly popular greys and blacks. Slat size choice can make a huge difference to your windows, on larger windows we recommend using a larger slat which is the 50mm, on smaller windows we recommend using the 35mm or 25mm slats. Many customers use the 50mm slat option as this is great way to imitate a plantation shutter but only pay a fraction of the price. On the larger slats you benefit from slightly more light entering the room and less slats to polish and clean. Smaller slats can be more suitable for small windows and bedrooms as slightly less light enters the room.

Made to measure Faux Wood Blinds  -Originally Developed to be installed in kitchens, bathrooms, wet-room and other moist environments. Real wood could not be installed in these rooms as the wood begins to crack and peal from the moisture in the air, especially the painted neutral coloured slats. Faux wood was invented to solve this problem and they do a fantastic job, you can literally throw water onto the slats and the water will simply roll off without leaving any damage to the blind. This is due to the slats being made from high quality compressed PVC. Customers have been so impressed with these custom wooden blinds they are now installed in all rooms around the house, it is basically impossible to distinguish between a real wood and faux wood slats, especially the neutral colours. The PVC slats are also flexible which gives a advantage over real wood, if too much force is applied to a real wood the slats will snap and break; PVC slats have a greater elasticity resulting in less damage being inflicted on the blind.

Real Wood - Many customers install in environments they know the product will last a long time, such as bedrooms, living rooms and play rooms. Bringing a natural product can be a great feature to your windows whilst also co-coordinating with your existing decor should you have wooden furniture, wooden flooring or wooden kitchen work tops. We only use the finest quality wood to make our made to measure wooden blinds, we use basswood which is exactly the same wood used for many plantation shutters.

Free Samples - As with all our products on Blinds superstore we encourage our customers to order free samples, we know when you get the products in your hands you will know and trust the quality in our British hand made products. We give you the freedom to order as many samples as you would like to make sure you get the right choice for you and your home.