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Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds

Made to measure Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds are one of the most popular window blinds on Blinds Superstore. This is due to their modern look and incredibly easy fitting. 

No Drilling & Screwing - You do not require any tools or drilling into your window frame, making them incredibly easy to install.

Colour Choice - With over 50 aluminium venetian slats to choose from, we like to offer you a wide selection of colour choice. We also offer 4 different colours of perfect fit frame: White, Brown, Grey and Silver.

Free Samples -  We encourage all our customers to take advantage of our free sampling service, where you can choose as many samples as you like, delivered straight to your door. 

Made in the UK - We think it is incredibly important to keep it local and keep it British. We know our British made blinds are made to the highest standards. Our aluminium venetian slats are of the highest quality, we offer the thickest slat available in the UK to ensure a robust product.

Guarantee - We are so confident in our venetian perfect fit blinds, that we offer a 3 year guarantee 

Expert Advice - Our family run company is here for you every step of the way and we are available for a chat to answer any questions; email us pictures or even video call so you can feel 110% confident every step of the way.

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Perfect Fit Diamond Range Guaranteed quality with our 3 Year Warranty****Hand made in our own factory in Lancashire*****Highest quality online*****British made to ensure the best quality

We have slashed our prices on our highest quality Perfect Fit Venetian blind collection. We believe British is best; our blinds are made in the UK to the highest quality that is why we offer a 3 year guarantee. Please take advantage of our free sampling service to appreciate the quality of our Venetian slats.

White|Perfect Fit Diamond Range|White|1500|2200|200|80|||
Classic White|Perfect Fit Diamond Range|Classic-White|1500|2200|200|80|||
Classic White
Gloss White|Perfect Fit Diamond Range|Gloss-White|1500|2200|200|80|||
Gloss White
Chalk White|Perfect Fit Diamond Range|Chalk White|1500|2200|200|80|||
Chalk White
Calico|Perfect Fit Diamond Range|Calico|1500|2200|200|80|||
Cream|Perfect Fit Diamond Range|Cream|1500|2200|200|80|||
Oatmeal|Perfect Fit Diamond Range|Oatmeal|1500|2200|200|80|||
Harvest|Perfect Fit Diamond Range|Harvest|1500|2200|200|80|||
Latte|Perfect Fit Diamond Range|Latte|1500|2200|200|80|||
Soft Brown|Perfect Fit Diamond Range|Soft-Brown|1500|2200|200|80|||
Soft Brown
Silver|Perfect Fit Diamond Range|Silver|1500|2200|200|80|||
Dusty Grey|Perfect Fit Diamond Range|Dusty-Grey|1500|2200|200|80|||
Dusty Grey
Mid Grey|Perfect Fit Diamond Range|Mid-Grey|1500|2200|200|80|||
Mid Grey
Graphite|Perfect Fit Diamond Range|Graphite|1500|2200|200|80|||
Charcoal Grey|Perfect Fit Diamond Range|Charcoal-Grey|1500|2200|200|80|||
Charcoal Grey
Jet|Perfect Fit Diamond Range|Jet|1500|2200|200|80|||
Black Gloss|Perfect Fit Diamond Range|Black-Gloss|1500|2200|200|80|||
Black Gloss
Hessian|Perfect Fit Diamond Range|Hessian|1500|2200|200|80|||
Buttercup|Perfect Fit Diamond Range|Buttercup|1500|2200|200|80|||
Marigold|Perfect Fit Diamond Range|Marigold|1500|2200|200|80|||
Orange|Perfect Fit Diamond Range|Orange|1500|2200|200|80|||
Dorothy|Perfect Fit Diamond Range|Dorothy|1500|2200|200|80|||
Scarlet|Perfect Fit Diamond Range|Scarlet|1500|2200|200|80|||
Pink Blossom|Perfect Fit Diamond Range|Pink-Blossom|1500|2200|200|80|||
Pink Blossom
Pretty Pink|Perfect Fit Diamond Range|Pretty-Pink|1500|2200|200|80|||
Pretty Pink
fuchsia|Perfect Fit Diamond Range|Fuchia|1500|2200|200|80|||
Damson|Perfect Fit Diamond Range|Damson|1500|2200|200|80|||
Fresh Apple|Perfect Fit Diamond Range|Fresh-Apple|1500|2200|200|80|||
Fresh Apple
Deep Ivy|Perfect Fit Diamond Range|Deeo-Ivy|1500|2200|200|80|||
Deep Ivy
Cool Aqua|Perfect Fit Diamond Range|Cool-Aqua|1500|2200|200|80|||
Cool Aqua
Oxford Blue|Perfect Fit Diamond Range|Oxford-Blue|1500|2200|200|80|||
Oxford Blue
Sapphire|Perfect Fit Diamond Range|Sappire|1500|2200|200|80|||

Perfect Fit Special Effect Range Special effect aluminium slats. Super simple fitting. Sale now on

High quality thick aluminium Venetian blind slats. This special effects perfect fit range has added texture and unique colour choices. These blinds give an added depth to your window blinds. No drills or screws make these blinds a fuss free, easy to fit blind choice

white-shimmer|Perfect Fit Special Effect Range|white-shimmer|1300|2000|250|200|https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShWdt-xgj84||1
soft-stone|Perfect Fit Special Effect Range|soft-stone|1300|2000|250|200|https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShWdt-xgj84||1
silver-lustre|Perfect Fit Special Effect Range|silver-lustre|1300|2000|250|200|https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShWdt-xgj84||1
silver-pitch|Perfect Fit Special Effect Range|silver-pitch|1300|2000|250|200|https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShWdt-xgj84||1
twilight-grey|Perfect Fit Special Effect Range|twilight-grey|1300|2000|250|200|https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShWdt-xgj84||1
antique-silver|Perfect Fit Special Effect Range|antique-silver|1300|2000|250|200|https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShWdt-xgj84||1
brushed-copper|Perfect Fit Special Effect Range|brushed-copper|1300|2000|250|200|https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShWdt-xgj84||1
barley-black|Perfect Fit Special Effect Range|barley-black|1300|2000|250|200|https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShWdt-xgj84||1
sparkle-black|Perfect Fit Special Effect Range|sparkle-black|1300|2000|250|200|https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShWdt-xgj84||1
sparkle-blue|Perfect Fit Special Effect Range|sparkle-blue|1300|2000|250|200|https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShWdt-xgj84||1

Perfect Fit Aluwood Range Wood Look effect aluminium perfect fit blinds

Highest quality!! Guaranteed lowest prices! Wood look effect Aluminium Venetian Blind that looks great in any home!

Alpine|Perfect Fit Aluwood Range|Alpine|1312|2000|263|80|||
American Elm|Perfect Fit Aluwood Range|American Elm|1312|2000|263|80|||
American Elm
Cherry|Perfect Fit Aluwood Range|Cherry|1312|2000|263|80|||
Chestnut|Perfect Fit Aluwood Range|Chestnut|1312|2000|263|80|||
Conker|Perfect Fit Aluwood Range|Conker|1312|2000|263|80|||
Hornbeam|Perfect Fit Aluwood Range|Hornbeam|1312|2000|263|80|||
Scottish Pine|Perfect Fit Aluwood Range|Scottish Pine|1312|2000|263|80|||
Scottish Pine
Sugar Maple|Perfect Fit Aluwood Range|Sugar Maple|1312|2000|263|80|||
Sugar Maple

Perfect Fit Venetian Luxury Range UK made luxury blinds. Available in extra wide widths

One of the best advantages of our Luxury perfect fit blinds collection comes in a wide width which many companies do not offer; this collection can reach up to 2000mm wide. We like to offer a Luxury collection to our customers at blind superstore and when we say Luxury we mean luxury. With a large variety of colours available we can ensure you will find the perfect colour for you!! Our Luxury Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds use higher quality slats than the leading competition and higher quality components to ensure your blind is very durable and resilient!

Aqua|Perfect Fit Venetian Luxury Range|Alumintex Aqua|1981|1981|210|120|||
Atmosphere|Perfect Fit Venetian Luxury Range|Alumitex Atmosphere|1981|1981|210|120|||
Beige|Perfect Fit Venetian Luxury Range|Alumitex Beige|1981|1981|210|120|||
Luxury Black|Perfect Fit Venetian Luxury Range|Alumitex Luxury Black|1981|1981|210|120|||
Luxury Black
Cool Grey|Perfect Fit Venetian Luxury Range|Alumitex Cool Grey|1981|1981|210|120|||
Cool Grey
Cream|Perfect Fit Venetian Luxury Range|Alumitex Cream|1981|1981|210|120|||
Gloss|Perfect Fit Venetian Luxury Range|Alumitex Gloss|1981|1981|210|120|||
Hunter|Perfect Fit Venetian Luxury Range|Alumitex Hunter|1981|1981|210|120|||
Latte|Perfect Fit Venetian Luxury Range|Alumitex Latte|1981|1981|210|120|||
Mirano|Perfect Fit Venetian Luxury Range|Alumitex Mirano|1981|1981|210|120|||
Pink|Perfect Fit Venetian Luxury Range|Alumitex Pink|1981|1981|210|120|||
Primary Red|Perfect Fit Venetian Luxury Range|Alumitex Primary Red|1981|1981|210|120|||
Primary Red
Rossi|Perfect Fit Venetian Luxury Range|Alumitex Rossi|1981|1981|210|120|||
Sky|Perfect Fit Venetian Luxury Range|Alumitex Sky|1981|1981|210|120|||
Titanium|Perfect Fit Venetian Luxury Range|Alumitex Titanium|1981|1981|210|120|||
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Made to measure perfect Fit Venetian Blinds have been a revolution in the window blind industry that looks fantastic but is also incredibly easy to measure and fit. 

How to measure up for perfect fit venetian blinds? It can be a little daunting when measuring your windows for your blinds, as you want to get them right first time. We measure and install these blinds in our local area so know first hand exactly how to measure and what to look out for.

The best practice is to measure the window in 3 different places, both horizontally and vertically, as windows can vary slightly in different places. Once you have done this, select the smallest measurement so you can be certain your blinds will definitely fit. We always tell you to select the smallest measurement as this will make fitting much easier when you come to install them. These blinds can be a forgiving product when measuring, as you have a 25mm overlap where the frame wraps around your UPVC, this means you have a little bit of wiggle room for error.

When measuring the simplest and best method is to measure the glass. Do not worry about your bead being compressible or whether it moves, just measure what physical glass you can see.

It is important to check for any obstructions like window handles, window vents or even skirting boards. The easiest method to check these won't be an obstruction, is to measure the distance from the obstruction to the glass. If you have a 25mm clearance then the frame will not interfere and will fit perfectly.

The last thing to check is your bead depth, to check what bracket size you will need. The easiest method is to use a tape or ruler. Place this on the glass and measure out, to the furthest edge of the window frame. Basically, how far does the frame protrude out from the glass. Brackets come in 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 30mm and 38mm. If you are in-between sizes, you will need to round up and not down. 

For extra help please see out measure guide where we have a video showing you each step of the process

How to Fit perfect fit venetian blinds? 

Installing your made to measure perfect fit Venetian blinds is very simple and after you have done your first blind, any further blinds will be very quick to install. From opening the box everything is done for you apart from adding the side pieces of frame to your blind. Unravel the top and bottom and simply slot your two side pieces of frame to the top and bottom. Once you have attached the sides, the blind will automatically tension itself. 

Offer it up to the window to check everything looks correct. When offering it to the window, pencil mark when there are slotted holes on the inside of the frame; this is where your brackets are going to be installed. Remove the blind from the window and you are ready to install your brackets. A good tip here is to use fairy liquid, this allows the brackets to slide into the seal a little easier if you are struggling. Once all the brackets are installed, simply line up the brackets with the slotted holes on the side of the frame and clip the blind in.

Convenience – An incredibly convenient window blind to install onto your UPVC and Aluminium windows. They  are flush fitting, which effectively hugs your windows frame; this makes it very convenient for tilt and turn windows, doors and bi-folding doors. 

Made to measure Perfect Fit Blinds For Doors

An ideal product for UPVC windows, patio doors and for bi-folding doors. Doors can be a trouble area to cover, due to the nature of the door swinging internally or externally. You need a product that doesn't become trapped or cause a trip hazard. As door areas are normally high traffic areas, having a product that is convenient is incredibly important, especially with busy families, offices, or even schools. Installing on your doors eliminates these issues due to their clip on, flush blind design.  As they are fitted flush onto the frame, this is the ideal place to avoid damage, ensuring a long-lasting blind.

Our products allow you to control the light to a room to suit the time, mood, or working in an office environment where you need to control the light to ensure no glare on computer screens for example. You also have the option of where to put your controls so if you have any obstructions you can opt for an alternative side which is easier to use. We have a price promise if you find them cheaper else where, we will match the price. 

Operation & Larger Sizes 

The safety of blinds, is now enforced by law in the UK. All blinds, at blinds superstore, are child safe and we select the safest option as standard. All blinds, up to 1312 mm, will come tensioned, meaning your blind is operated via a handle on the bottom bar. Having a tensioned blind, creates a modern look with no cords or strings left in the window and is a great child safety feature.

Sometimes, windows go over the tensioned size of 1312 mm. On these occasions, we have a special range, the luxury perfect fit venetian range. This range is specially designed to go to much larger sizes, up to 1900 millimetres wide. Having a larger product, means they cannot be tensioned, so are operated by traditional cords. Although they are operated with cords, we still make the blind as child safe as possible. You will receive child safety warning tags, safety fixings, which attach to the wall and all cords will have safety connectors which are designed to snap.