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Made To Measure Vertical Blinds

Welcome to the blinds superstore made to measure vertical blinds page. The ultimate guide is available at the bottom of the page to ensure you get the best possible blinds for your windows. 

Fluid motion tracks - We use the latest easy glide trucks in our metal head rails. This creates a smooth gliding operation

Wand controls - We use child safe wand controls which means you do not need to have any cords left in the window. Cord and chain is available upon request

Fabrics - We have a new huge collection of vertical slats for 2018. We have launched all new thermal blackout fabrics, we also have a complete new range of plains and patterns in a popular whites, creams, greys and blacks. 

3 Year Guarantee - We want you to know our British made blinds are the best on the market. That is why we guarantee our blinds for 3 years

5 Star Reviews - Don't take our word for it, we have got 5 star reviews on both trust pilot and Facebook.

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Vertical Budget Super sale now on. Made to measure. UK made

We have selected the most popular vertical fabrics in our entry level range and slashed the prices. Quality, price and service are our key values at Blinds superstore.

Amaris Beige|Vertical Budget|Amaris Beige|3000|2913|350|350|||
Amaris Beige
Amaris White|Vertical Budget|Amaris White|3000|2913|350|350|||
Amaris White
Fiesta Cream|Vertical Budget|Fiesta Cream|3000|2913|350|350|||
Fiesta Cream
Fiesta White|Vertical Budget|Fiesta White|3000|2913|350|350|||
Fiesta White
Zara Cream|Vertical Budget|Zara Cream|3000|2913|350|350|||
Zara Cream
Zara White|Vertical Budget|Zara White|3000|2913|350|350|||
Zara White

Vertical Standard Fabrics VERTICAL BLINDS SALE ENDS SOON!!!

At Blind Superstore high quality and choice at low prices is what we are all about! We have a huge range of colours available to suit every need.

Splash Admiral|Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Admiral|3000|2913|350|350|||
Splash Admiral
Splash Beige|Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Beige|3000|2913|350|350|||
Splash Beige
Splash Berry|Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Berry|3000|2913|350|350|||
Splash Berry
Splash Butter|Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Butter|3000|2913|350|350|||
Splash Butter
Splash Canary|Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Canary|3000|2913|350|350|||
Splash Canary
Splash Candy|Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Candy|3000|2913|350|350|||
Splash Candy
Splash Grey Whisper|Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Grey Whisper|3000|2913|350|350|||
Splash Grey Whisper
Splash Havana|Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Havana|3000|2913|350|350|||
Splash Havana
Splash Hessian|Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Hessian|3000|2913|350|350|||
Splash Hessian
Splash Noir|Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Noir|3000|2913|350|350|||
Splash Noir
Splash Oceanic|Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Oceanic|3000|2913|350|350|||
Splash Oceanic
Splash Paper|Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Paper|3000|2913|350|350|||
Splash Paper
Splash Poppy|Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Poppy|3000|2913|350|350|||
Splash Poppy
Splash Rock|Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Rock|3000|2913|350|350|||
Splash Rock
Splash Tango|Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Tango|3000|2913|350|350|||
Splash Tango
Splash Vine|Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Vine|3000|2913|350|350|||
Splash Vine

Vertical Blackout We use the BEST UK SYSTEM available...proud to use Louvolite components and fabrics!!

Our Vertical Blackout collection has no rival, we use the highest quality blackout fabrics available in a wide array of colours! Keep those early mornings at bay with Blind Superstore Blackout Vertical Blinds!

Vitra Action|Vertical Blackout|Vitra Action|3000|2913|350|350|||
Vitra Action
Vitra Beige|Vertical Blackout|Vitra Beige|3000|2913|350|350|||
Vitra Beige
Vitra Cream|Vertical Blackout|Vitra Cream|3000|2913|350|350|||
Vitra Cream
Vitra Envy|Vertical Blackout|Vitra Envy|3000|2913|350|350|||
Vitra Envy
Vitra Flame|Vertical Blackout|Vitra Flame|3000|2913|350|350|||
Vitra Flame
Vitra Imperial|Vertical Blackout|Vitra Imperial|3000|2913|350|350|||
Vitra Imperial
Vitra Marina|Vertical Blackout|Vitra Marina|3000|2913|350|350|||
Vitra Marina
Vitra Roast|Vertical Blackout|Vitra Roast|3000|2913|350|350|||
Vitra Roast
Vitra Shock|Vertical Blackout|Vitra Shock|3000|2913|350|350|||
Vitra Shock
Vitra White|Vertical Blackout|Vitra White|3000|2913|350|350|||
Vitra White
Vitra Zinc|Vertical Blackout|Vitra Zinc|3000|2913|350|350|||
Vitra Zinc
Vitra Zorro|Vertical Blackout|Vitra Zorro|3000|2913|350|350|||
Vitra Zorro
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Vertical Blinds Made to Measure

Welcome to our ultimate guide to made to measure vertical blinds. Here you will have everything you need to know to ensure you get the perfect custom vertical blinds for you. 

Metal TracksWe use reinforced aluminium metal head rails. We use the highest quality track to ensure the life cycle of your blind will last many years. This rigid rail ensures your trucks which travel along the blind stay perfectly in place. 

89mm Quality Slats - We use the most popular size of slat for all our bespoke vertical blinds which is 89mm or 3.5 inch. We are excited to offer a whole new collection at a even lower price. We now over 20 plain dim-out fabrics in a various colours. We have over 20 watermark patterned fabrics in he most popular colours, whites, creams, browns, greys and blacks. Finally we have a new thermal blackout fabrics available in the most popular colours.

Made to Measure Vertical - We only sell vertical blinds made to measure. This means you get the perfect sized blind for your windows. Ready made blinds normally means one of two things. Firstly you will have to cut your blinds down, this can be difficult to do and normally ends up with a untidy finish. Secondly if you don't have to cut your blinds down, it will mean you blinds will be short in the window. 

Price - We only offer the highest quality tracks and vertical slats. We are in the premium end of the market, but you will be safe in the knowledge that you have a quality bespoke vertical blind that is set to last the test of time. 

Child safety - Child safety is paramount here at Blinds superstore. It is now UK law that we provide you with child safe blinds and products. We are proud to offer this service with every product we make. We strongly recommend using your blinds with our new wand operated track system. You can operate the track back and forth and tilt the slats using the same wand, resulting with no cords being left in the window. If the wand operation isn't something you would like we do still offer a cord and chain option, but this must be specified as we send the wand operation as standard.

Guarantee - It is important to us and for you that we back up our claims that we supply the best products. That is why we offer a 3 years guarantee on our tracks. 

Locations Great for all over the home. Custom made vertical blinds are suitable for all over the house, including the conservatory. They are also a ideal product for offices. An incredibly practical product as you can control the light perfectly entering the room. Also a great products for covering door areas such as patio doors, french doors and bi-folding doors.

Re-slats - We offer a new fantastic service for our customers. As our tracks are such high quality, many of our customers just need to swap their slats as and when they fancy a new look. Swapping your slats is a great cost effective way of transforming a room at a small cost.