Door Blinds

We know sometimes there is nothing better than letting light through beautiful patio doors, french doors, bi-folding doors, in fact any type of door. Allowing light to enter the room can make it seem bright and airy. Our job at blinds superstore is to help you control that light with the right type of blinds for your door so it suits you throughout the year. Covering UPVC or Aluminium doors with blinds can be a tricky process to get right. We are experts in our field, we don't just sell online we measure and fit in our local area in Lancashire, and we have for the past 20 years. We have learnt what works and what doesn't; and we would love to pass that knowledge onto you. 

Above we have provided 4 different sections for you to look through, each section is what we believe are the best options available for covering your doors with window blinds. We wanted to selected at least 4 options as this then gives you options and plenty of choice.

There is a lot to consider when deciding to cover your door with window blinds and a lot of issues that can crop up, we are here to help guide you through this and help you get round this problem. Here is a selection of 10 real life FAQ about door blinds we receive which you might be coming across yourself  

  1. What happens if my door handles get in the way?
  2. Is it best to fit inside or outside the recess?
  3. How do i know if my blinds can accept perfect fit blinds?
  4. I have bi-folding blinds what do you think is the best product?
  5. I have sliding patio doors, is there a ideal blind you can suggest?
  6. My doors are grey can i get a matching colour?
  7. How do i measure the bead depth on my doors for perfect fit?
  8. My doors open inwards is there a product you can suggest
  9. What is the best child safety option for door blinds?
  10. Can i get matching products for my doors and windows?

Each category of door blinds has amazing colours and lots of options on the style so you will be spoilt for choice. We always manufacture all our blinds to your exact requirements to create a custom fit for any type of door including; french door blinds, patio door blinds, bi-folding door blinds, uPVC door blinds and many more. The type of blinds you choose for your door will depend on the situation of the doors, how it is used and how you would like to control the light coming through into your room.

The right window blinds can be a great practical option for your doors and offer the perfect finish to these difficult hi traffic areas. We manufacture the blinds here at our factory in Lancashire and have expert knowledge and advice which we can pass onto you. Depending on your situation we believe we can help you get the right product for you.

Each product has different advantages and disadvantages which we would like to briefly discuss now to help you decide which product category might be best for you.

Perfect Fit Door Blinds - Perfect fit are the ideal option for uPVC door and bi-folding doors also. This is an incredibly innovative product that sits flush onto your door frame without the need to screw or drill. Many of our customers love this feature, after spending hundreds or even thousands on some brand new doors the last thing you might want it to start putting holes into your brand new windows. Perfect fit door blinds get around this problem with a unique fitting system. We have a video on our measuring guide which is here and also we have done a personal video showing a step by step process of how you would measure, build and install. Please find these options here

Roller Door Blinds - There are few different options available to you here depending on what you type of doors you have at home. Roller door blinds can be installing mainly in two different ways. For patio doors or french doors the roller blinds can be attached to the doors themselves with the fabric sliding behind any operating handles. For sliding patio doors or bi folding doors attaching the blind to the door basically doesn't work, you will have to install the blind inside the recess or outside the recess if the doors open inwardly. This can be a tricky method of fitting blinds onto your doors so we do recommend giving our team a call to discuss as we want you to get it perfect and right first time so we do recommend giving our team a call to discuss as we want you to get it perfect and right first time.

Vertical door Blinds - Vertical blinds on doors are the original and traditional option which has been available before the new styles like perfect fit came along. This is still a very popular choice, especially in conservatories where the rest of the windows might also be in vertical blinds it is always good when you can get your products to match. Provided your doors open externally vertical blinds can be install on all types of doors. In most cases you will have a working door and a slave door, this simply means you will use one more than another, we recommend that the stack of the vertical blind slats are positioned on the slave door. This is simply to keep them out of the way as much as possible as door areas are high traffic areas.

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