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Welcome to our members area. Here, you can login into your own account to view your current order and also view your past orders. When you login to your members account, you can view the status and progress of your order so you know exactly when your blinds are due; you can then make arrangements for someone to be available for delivery. This members area is also a great place to look up previous orders, which is useful when you are wanting to re-order the same blinds you have had previously. This will ensure you get the right colour, type and style of window blind. 

With every order, we always email you a copy which starts with your name then BSWEB; for example Gladwin-BSWEB. If you need to look it up on your email this a great way to find your previous order. We always keep records of your orders so if you are struggling to locate your order we can email you a copy. Please contact us via our contact us page and we will assist you as best we can

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