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The standard collection fabrics are produced using 100% polyester fabric, this is a great high quality durable fabric. These combine both style and excellent value for money!

Splash Admiral|Motorised Standard Fabrics|Splash Admiral|1981|2438|350|350|||
Splash Admiral
Splash Beige|Motorised Standard Fabrics|Splash Beige|1981|2438|350|350|||
Splash Beige
Splash Berry|Motorised Standard Fabrics|Splash Berry|1981|2438|350|350|||
Splash Berry
Splash Butter|Motorised Standard Fabrics|Splash Butter|1981|2438|350|350|||
Splash Butter
Splash Canary|Motorised Standard Fabrics|Splash Canary|1981|2438|350|350|||
Splash Canary
Splash Candy|Motorised Standard Fabrics|Splash Candy|1981|2438|350|350|||
Splash Candy
Splash Grey Whisper|Motorised Standard Fabrics|Splash Grey Whisper|1981|2438|350|350|||
Splash Grey Whisper
Splash Havana|Motorised Standard Fabrics|Splash Havana|1981|2438|350|350|||
Splash Havana
Splash Hessian|Motorised Standard Fabrics|Splash Hessian|1981|2438|350|350|||
Splash Hessian
Splash Noir|Motorised Standard Fabrics|Splash Noir|1981|2438|350|350|||
Splash Noir
Splash Oceanic|Motorised Standard Fabrics|Splash Oceanic|1981|2438|350|350|||
Splash Oceanic
Splash Paper|Motorised Standard Fabrics|Splash Paper|1981|2438|350|350|||
Splash Paper
Splash Poppy|Motorised Standard Fabrics|Splash Poppy|1981|2438|350|350|||
Splash Poppy
Splash Rock|Motorised Standard Fabrics|Splash Rock|1981|2438|350|350|||
Splash Rock
Splash Tango|Motorised Standard Fabrics|Splash Tango|1981|2438|350|350|||
Splash Tango
Splash Vine|Motorised Standard Fabrics|Splash Vine|1981|2438|350|350|||
Splash Vine

Motorised Feature Blind Collection Designer Fabrics at the BEST PRICES!!

If you looking for something a little special at your windows then look no further! Make a statement with our Feature Roller Blind Collection, sure to make your windows look fabulous!!

Elegance White|Motorised Feature Blind Collection|Elegance White|1829|2438|350|350|||
Elegance White
Elegance Taupe|Motorised Feature Blind Collection|Elegance Taupe|1829|2438|350|350|||
Elegance Taupe
Elegance Black|Motorised Feature Blind Collection|Elegange Black|1829|2438|350|350|||
Elegance Black
Napa Oslo|Motorised Feature Blind Collection|Napa Oslo|1829|2438|350|350|||
Napa Oslo
Napa Mersin|Motorised Feature Blind Collection|Napa Mersin|1829|2438|350|350|||
Napa Mersin
Napa Jidda|Motorised Feature Blind Collection|Napa Jidda|1829|2438|350|350|||
Napa Jidda
Napa Porto|Motorised Feature Blind Collection|Napa Porto|1829|2438|350|350|||
Napa Porto
Evita Blossom|Motorised Feature Blind Collection|Evita Blossom|1829|2438|350|350|||
Evita Blossom
Evita Cicley|Motorised Feature Blind Collection|Evita Cicley|1829|2438|350|350|||
Evita Cicley
Evita Scilla|Motorised Feature Blind Collection|Evita Scilla|1829|2438|350|350|||
Evita Scilla
Pimlico Beat|Motorised Feature Blind Collection|Pimlico Beat|1829|2438|350|350|||
Pimlico Beat
Pimlico Emerge|Motorised Feature Blind Collection|Pimlico Emerge|1829|2438|350|350|||
Pimlico Emerge
Pimlico Flare|Motorised Feature Blind Collection|Pimlico Flare|1829|2438|350|350|||
Pimlico Flare
Revival Monroe|Motorised Feature Blind Collection|Revival Monroe|1829|2438|350|350|||
Revival Monroe
Revival Christie|Motorised Feature Blind Collection|Revival Christie|1829|2438|350|350|||
Revival Christie
Revival Loren|Motorised Feature Blind Collection|Revival Loren|1829|2438|350|350|||
Revival Loren

Motorised Bow Range Lithium-ion battery, completely wireless and operate multiple blinds

We believe our motorised blinds are the best available in the UK. Our motorised vision roller blinds come with a built in lithium-ion battery, wireless operation and you can operate up to 14 blinds from one remote.

Black|Motorised Bow Range|Bow Black|2800|2400|350|350|||
Brown|Motorised Bow Range|Bow Brown|2800|2400|350|350|||
Standard Cream|Motorised Bow Range|Bow Standard Cream|2800|2400|350|350|||
Standard Cream
White|Motorised Bow Range|Bow White|2800|2400|350|350|||


The latest blind on the market is the Vision Roller Blind!! Guaranteed to make a statement in any home the luxury vision roller blind offers sumptious high quality fabrics at great prices!

Luxury Cream|Motorised Bow Luxury Range|Luxury Cream|2800|2400|350|350|||
Luxury Cream
Mink|Motorised Bow Luxury Range|Luxury Mink|2800|2400|350|350|||

Motorised Milano Collection Milano Multi-Stripe Vision Rollers!!

The latest innovation in Vision roller blinds have arrived at Blinds Superstore!! The new multi-stripe vision roller blind is making a huge impact and creates a designer feature to any room in the home!

Milano Silver Black|Motorised Milano Collection|Sorrento-Luna|2400|2400|350|350|||
Milano Silver Black
Milano Silver Gold|Motorised Milano Collection|Sorrento Sahara|2400|2400|350|350|||
Milano Silver Gold

Motorised Florence Collection Wireless operation, built in lithium-ion battery

Motorised vision roller blinds made easy. Our motorised blinds are so simple, there is no wires needed, no batteries needed. You simply install the blind as you would normally and you are ready to go. Your remote is completely wireless and we fully charge the blind before it gets to you.

Florence Oak|Motorised Florence Collection|Florence-Oak|2600|2400|350|350|||
Florence Oak
Florence Teak|Motorised Florence Collection|Florence-Teak|2600|2400|350|350|||
Florence Teak
Florence Walnut|Motorised Florence Collection|Florence-Walnut|2600|2400|350|350|||
Florence Walnut
Florence Maple|Motorised Florence Collection|Florence-Maple|2600|2400|350|350|||
Florence Maple

Motorised Paloma Blackout Blackout Vision Rollers are here!!!!

Apart of the latest collection to land at Blinds Superstore Paloma Blackout Vision rollers both make a statement and are functionally a fantastic blackout roller blind

Paloma Blackout White|Motorised Paloma Blackout|Sienna Blackout White|2800|2400|350|350|||
Paloma Blackout White
Paloma Blackout Cream|Motorised Paloma Blackout|Sienna Blackout Cream|2800|2400|350|350|||
Paloma Blackout Cream
Paloma Blackout Biscuit|Motorised Paloma Blackout|Sienna Blackout Biscuit|2800|2400|350|350|||
Paloma Blackout Biscuit
Paloma Blackout Charcoal|Motorised Paloma Blackout|Sienna Blackout Charcoal|2800|2400|350|350|||
Paloma Blackout Charcoal
Paloma Blackout Pewter|Motorised Paloma Blackout|Sienna Blackout Pewter|2800|2400|350|350|||
Paloma Blackout Pewter

Motorised Roma Collection Style and Sophistication at 60% PFF RRP!!

The roma collection has been inspired by the latest trends around Europe. This beautiful cloth has a luxurious texture running through the blind.

Roma White|Motorised Roma Collection|Tuscanny White|2600|2400|350|350|||
Roma White
Roma Ivory|Motorised Roma Collection|Tuscanny Ivory|2600|2400|350|350|||
Roma Ivory
Roma Mink|Motorised Roma Collection|Tuscanny Mink|2600|2400|350|350|||
Roma Mink
Roma Ebony|Motorised Roma Collection|Tuscanny Ebony|2600|2400|350|350|||
Roma Ebony

Motorised Venice Collection

Venice day and night roller blinds now available with motorisation. This fantastic multi-tonal fabric gives a real luxury feel to your windows. Wireless operation means simply install your blinds as normal and your ready to go.

Venice Brown|Motorised Venice Collection|Venice Brown|2400|2400|350|350|||
Venice Brown
Venice Grey|Motorised Venice Collection|Venice Grey|2400|2400|350|350|||
Venice Grey

Motorised Verona Collection

Motorised day and night roller blinds are a fantastic addition to your home. Simply install your vision roller blinds and your ready to go. No wires needed it is completely wireless.

Verona White|Motorised Verona Collection|Verona White|2600|2400|350|350|||
Verona White
Verona Copper|Motorised Verona Collection|Verona Copper|2600|2400|350|350|||
Verona Copper
Verona Gold|Motorised Verona Collection|Verona Gold|2600|2400|350|350|||
Verona Gold
Verona Platinum|Motorised Verona Collection|Verona Platinum|2600|2400|350|350|||
Verona Platinum
Verona Black|Motorised Verona Collection|Verona Black|2600|2400|350|350|||
Verona Black

Motorised Blackout Fabrics UPTO 60% OFF THIS COLLECTION....ENDS SOON.....DONT MISS OUT!!

The Blackout Collection here at Blind Superstore is a very popular range. Make your room darker with our blackout range, with several different colour options to choose from we have a blind for every room.

Vitra Action|Motorised Blackout Fabrics|Vitra Action|1829|2438|350|350|||
Vitra Action
Vitra Beige|Motorised Blackout Fabrics|Vitra Beige|1829|2438|350|350|||
Vitra Beige
Vitra Cream|Motorised Blackout Fabrics|Vitra Cream|1829|2438|350|350|||
Vitra Cream
Vitra Envy|Motorised Blackout Fabrics|Vitra Envy|1829|2438|350|350|||
Vitra Envy
Vitra Flame|Motorised Blackout Fabrics|Vitra Flame|1829|2438|350|350|||
Vitra Flame
Vitra Imperial|Motorised Blackout Fabrics|Vitra Imperial|1829|2438|350|350|||
Vitra Imperial
Vitra Marina|Motorised Blackout Fabrics|Vitra Marina|1829|2438|350|350|||
Vitra Marina
Vitra Roast|Motorised Blackout Fabrics|Vitra Roast|1829|2438|350|350|||
Vitra Roast
Vitra Shock|Motorised Blackout Fabrics|Vitra Shock|1829|2438|350|350|||
Vitra Shock
Vitra White|Motorised Blackout Fabrics|Vitra White|1829|2438|350|350|||
Vitra White
Vitra Zinc|Motorised Blackout Fabrics|Vitra Zinc|1829|2438|350|350|||
Vitra Zinc
Vitra Zorro|Motorised Blackout Fabrics|Vitra Zorro|1829|2438|350|350|||
Vitra Zorro


The budget collection fabrics are made using 100% polyester, this is a high quality fabric that resists everyday elements. We have selected the most popular cloths from 2013! Grab yourself a high quality blind at a unbelievable price!

Amaris Beige|Motorised Budget Patterned|Amaris Beige|1981|2438|350|350|||
Amaris Beige
Amaris White|Motorised Budget Patterned|Amaris White|1981|2438|350|350|||
Amaris White
Fiesta Cream|Motorised Budget Patterned|Fiesta Cream|1981|2438|350|350|||
Fiesta Cream
Fiesta White|Motorised Budget Patterned|Fiesta White|1981|2438|350|350|||
Fiesta White
Zara Cream|Motorised Budget Patterned|Zara Cream|1981|2438|350|350|||
Zara Cream
Zara White|Motorised Budget Patterned|Zara White|1981|2438|350|350|||
Zara White
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