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Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are the traditional window blind in the UK but still one of the biggest selling window blinds every year. Easy Glide Rail - We believe it is the highest importance that the track and components are the highest quality. Our tracks are designed to have a fluid smooth gliding operation. Controls - Two options are available for your control option. You can select the traditional corded and chain, or the latest child safe wand operated system. We send all our vertical blinds with child safe wands as standard unless requested otherwise. Fabrics - We offer all different styles and types of vertical blind fabric. We offer plains, patterned, dim out and blackout cloths. All of these fabrics are available in an 89mm slat. 3 Guarantee - A strong guarantee lets our customers know they are buying a high quality vertical blind that won't break on you after 12 months. Our tracks are so good many customers have them for many years past our 3 year guarantee

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Vertical Budget Super sale now on. Made to measure. UK made

We have selected the most popular vertical fabrics in our entry level range and slashed the prices. Quality, price and service are our key values at Blinds superstore.

Amaris Beige|Vertical Budget|Amaris Beige|3000|2913|350|350|||
Amaris Beige
Amaris White|Vertical Budget|Amaris White|3000|2913|350|350|||
Amaris White
Fiesta Cream|Vertical Budget|Fiesta Cream|3000|2913|350|350|||
Fiesta Cream
Fiesta White|Vertical Budget|Fiesta White|3000|2913|350|350|||
Fiesta White
Zara Cream|Vertical Budget|Zara Cream|3000|2913|350|350|||
Zara Cream
Zara White|Vertical Budget|Zara White|3000|2913|350|350|||
Zara White

Vertical Standard Fabrics VERTICAL BLINDS SALE ENDS SOON!!!

At Blind Superstore high quality and choice at low prices is what we are all about! We have a huge range of colours available to suit every need.

Splash Admiral|Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Admiral|3000|2913|350|350|||
Splash Admiral
Splash Beige|Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Beige|3000|2913|350|350|||
Splash Beige
Splash Berry|Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Berry|3000|2913|350|350|||
Splash Berry
Splash Butter|Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Butter|3000|2913|350|350|||
Splash Butter
Splash Canary|Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Canary|3000|2913|350|350|||
Splash Canary
Splash Candy|Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Candy|3000|2913|350|350|||
Splash Candy
Splash Grey Whisper|Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Grey Whisper|3000|2913|350|350|||
Splash Grey Whisper
Splash Havana|Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Havana|3000|2913|350|350|||
Splash Havana
Splash Hessian|Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Hessian|3000|2913|350|350|||
Splash Hessian
Splash Noir|Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Noir|3000|2913|350|350|||
Splash Noir
Splash Oceanic|Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Oceanic|3000|2913|350|350|||
Splash Oceanic
Splash Paper|Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Paper|3000|2913|350|350|||
Splash Paper
Splash Poppy|Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Poppy|3000|2913|350|350|||
Splash Poppy
Splash Rock|Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Rock|3000|2913|350|350|||
Splash Rock
Splash Tango|Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Tango|3000|2913|350|350|||
Splash Tango
Splash Vine|Vertical Standard Fabrics|Splash Vine|3000|2913|350|350|||
Splash Vine

Vertical Blackout We use the BEST UK SYSTEM available...proud to use Louvolite components and fabrics!!

Our Vertical Blackout collection has no rival, we use the highest quality blackout fabrics available in a wide array of colours! Keep those early mornings at bay with Blind Superstore Blackout Vertical Blinds!

Vitra Action|Vertical Blackout|Vitra Action|3000|2913|350|350|||
Vitra Action
Vitra Beige|Vertical Blackout|Vitra Beige|3000|2913|350|350|||
Vitra Beige
Vitra Cream|Vertical Blackout|Vitra Cream|3000|2913|350|350|||
Vitra Cream
Vitra Envy|Vertical Blackout|Vitra Envy|3000|2913|350|350|||
Vitra Envy
Vitra Flame|Vertical Blackout|Vitra Flame|3000|2913|350|350|||
Vitra Flame
Vitra Imperial|Vertical Blackout|Vitra Imperial|3000|2913|350|350|||
Vitra Imperial
Vitra Marina|Vertical Blackout|Vitra Marina|3000|2913|350|350|||
Vitra Marina
Vitra Roast|Vertical Blackout|Vitra Roast|3000|2913|350|350|||
Vitra Roast
Vitra Shock|Vertical Blackout|Vitra Shock|3000|2913|350|350|||
Vitra Shock
Vitra White|Vertical Blackout|Vitra White|3000|2913|350|350|||
Vitra White
Vitra Zinc|Vertical Blackout|Vitra Zinc|3000|2913|350|350|||
Vitra Zinc
Vitra Zorro|Vertical Blackout|Vitra Zorro|3000|2913|350|350|||
Vitra Zorro
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Vertical blinds are a traditional and soft way to dress your windows. Vertical Blinds offer a practical way to furnish your windows allowing you to have maximum control over filtering your light into the room. We offer a large range of cloths in many different colours here at Blinds Superstore all available at amazing prices. All our Vertical blinds at Blinds superstore are made at our factory in Blackpool Lancashire, we hand make our vertical tracks and the vertical slats are still hand sewn by one of the original owners Sue. She has been a seamstress for over 30 years and still loves to sew on the factory floor.

Made to measure - All our Vertical slat blinds are completely made to measure; all vertical blinds we ship from our factory in Blackpool will come millimetre perfect to your exact requirements. We offer a wide range of colours including blackout fabrics, designer collections and washable fabrics. We have fabric for any requirement you have so you can use our blinds in any room of the house. It is sometimes very effective to create a colour contrast, and we have many fabrics that can create this.

We offer the more contemporary 89mm slat range. We find this range to be very popular in the UK and the ideal size for most homes and offices as this smaller slat doesn’t take up as much room on the window sill. A simple conversion of the 89mm slat is 3.5” inches. We work in millimetres as we find this the most accurate way of making window blinds. We have a fantastic measuring guide section on our site which also has videos showing how to measure for vertical blinds in standard windows, square windows, and bay windows. Please find a link to our measuring page

Vertical window blinds can be fixed by different methods and we have two different types of brackets. We have a face fix bracket and a top fix bracket which suits our slim line track. Our Slim line Vertical track comes in a smooth ribbed white finish to look modern. The track is very strong and high quality to ensure a long lifetime. 

Made to measure vertical blinds are used in home and office environments. Custom made Vertical slat blinds all come with a standard white head rail, but you can upgrade to our extensive range of designer head rail colours. Vertical Blinds are great for the office environment; over 80% of offices now have vertical blinds. These are practical, efficient, and offer a fantastic way of throwing the light to ensure the light is kept away from computer screens or important areas where glare needs to be eliminated. Bespoke vertical blinds are also hugely popular in the home environment and suitable for any room with cloth to suit each room, for example Blackout fabric for bedrooms and PVC for wet rooms.

Affordability - If you’re looking for an affordable solution to freshen up your home or office then, our Vertical Blinds are what your need. They provide practicality and style at your fingertips. We have many blinds starting from £10! Just imagine how you could transform and freshen up your entire house for such a small outlay. You can also buy the luxury end of the spectrum with our designer vertical blinds which can create an amazing finish to your room. You can even make a feature our of your Vertical blinds instead of, for example, having feature wallpaper.

Child Safety - We offer child safety features for all our vertical blinds. All our vertical blind chains come with safety connectors as standard. We now offer our vertical blinds with a child safe by design wand operation, this wand operation is the safest possible option available to you, this is why we send this as standard unless asked otherwise.