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Roller Blinds

here at the blind superstore we make the highest quality made to measure roller blinds available. we believe that just because you are getting a great deal at amazing blind superstore prices that shouldn´t compromise the quality of your roller blinds. roller blinds are a great way to dress your windows and we now offer amazing new features to roller blinds such as the fascia roller blind & fascia spring roller blinds combining an amazing roller blind with a sleek contemporary finish. all our roller blinds are bespoke and made to order to your exact sizes and requirements.

rollers blinds from blind superstore use the latest high quality components, fabrics and tube. we will only use 32 aluminium tube as this is the best quality; we refuse to use inferior cardboard tubes and cheaper alternatives. when your buy a fascia roller blind, standard roller blind, or fascia spring roller blind from us you know you’re getting the best. the roller tube size can vary depending on the size of your window. on larger windows, we put your roller blinds on a bigger system to ensure that it continues to function properly over a prolonged period. we may use the system 40 roller blinds, and the system 45 roller blind.

you have control as to where you would like the control mechanism to be located, either on the left or right or even to have no control mechanism at all with the fascia roller blind system. they are all designed to suit your needs and to avoid obstructions you may have. the new fascia roller blind system is great for child safety purposes and creates an elegant finish to any room.

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The budget collection fabrics are made using 100% polyester, this is a high quality fabric that resists everyday elements. We have selected the most popular cloths from 2013! Grab yourself a high quality blind at a unbelievable price!

Amaris Beige|Budget Patterned|Amaris Beige|1981|2438|350|350|||
Amaris Beige
Amaris White|Budget Patterned|Amaris White|1981|2438|350|350|||
Amaris White
Fiesta Cream|Budget Patterned|Fiesta Cream|1981|2438|350|350|||
Fiesta Cream
Fiesta White|Budget Patterned|Fiesta White|1981|2438|350|350|||
Fiesta White
Zara Cream|Budget Patterned|Zara Cream|1981|2438|350|350|||
Zara Cream
Zara White|Budget Patterned|Zara White|1981|2438|350|350|||
Zara White

Feature Blind Collection Designer Fabrics at the BEST PRICES!!

If you looking for something a little special at your windows then look no further! Make a statement with our Feature Roller Blind Collection, sure to make your windows look fabulous!!

Elegance White|Feature Blind Collection|Elegance White|1829|2438|350|350|||
Elegance White
Elegance Taupe|Feature Blind Collection|Elegance Taupe|1829|2438|350|350|||
Elegance Taupe
Elegance Black|Feature Blind Collection|Elegange Black|1829|2438|350|350|||
Elegance Black
Napa Oslo|Feature Blind Collection|Napa Oslo|1829|2438|350|350|||
Napa Oslo
Napa Mersin|Feature Blind Collection|Napa Mersin|1829|2438|350|350|||
Napa Mersin
Napa Jidda|Feature Blind Collection|Napa Jidda|1829|2438|350|350|||
Napa Jidda
Napa Porto|Feature Blind Collection|Napa Porto|1829|2438|350|350|||
Napa Porto
Evita Blossom|Feature Blind Collection|Evita Blossom|1829|2438|350|350|||
Evita Blossom
Evita Cicley|Feature Blind Collection|Evita Cicley|1829|2438|350|350|||
Evita Cicley
Evita Scilla|Feature Blind Collection|Evita Scilla|1829|2438|350|350|||
Evita Scilla
Pimlico Beat|Feature Blind Collection|Pimlico Beat|1829|2438|350|350|||
Pimlico Beat
Pimlico Emerge|Feature Blind Collection|Pimlico Emerge|1829|2438|350|350|||
Pimlico Emerge
Pimlico Flare|Feature Blind Collection|Pimlico Flare|1829|2438|350|350|||
Pimlico Flare
Revival Monroe|Feature Blind Collection|Revival Monroe|1829|2438|350|350|||
Revival Monroe
Revival Christie|Feature Blind Collection|Revival Christie|1829|2438|350|350|||
Revival Christie
Revival Loren|Feature Blind Collection|Revival Loren|1829|2438|350|350|||
Revival Loren


The standard collection fabrics are produced using 100% polyester fabric, this is a great high quality durable fabric. These combine both style and excellent value for money!

Splash Admiral|Standard Fabrics|Splash Admiral|4000|2438|350|350|||
Splash Admiral
Splash Beige|Standard Fabrics|Splash Beige|4000|2438|350|350|||
Splash Beige
Splash Berry|Standard Fabrics|Splash Berry|4000|2438|350|350|||
Splash Berry
Splash Butter|Standard Fabrics|Splash Butter|4000|2438|350|350|||
Splash Butter
Splash Canary|Standard Fabrics|Splash Canary|4000|2438|350|350|||
Splash Canary
Splash Candy|Standard Fabrics|Splash Candy|4000|2438|350|350|||
Splash Candy
Splash Grey Whisper|Standard Fabrics|Splash Grey Whisper|4000|2438|350|350|||
Splash Grey Whisper
Splash Havana|Standard Fabrics|Splash Havana|4000|2438|350|350|||
Splash Havana
Splash Hessian|Standard Fabrics|Splash Hessian|4000|2438|350|350|||
Splash Hessian
Splash Noir|Standard Fabrics|Splash Noir|4000|2438|350|350|||
Splash Noir
Splash Oceanic|Standard Fabrics|Splash Oceanic|4000|2438|350|350|||
Splash Oceanic
Splash Paper|Standard Fabrics|Splash Paper|4000|2438|350|350|||
Splash Paper
Splash Poppy|Standard Fabrics|Splash Poppy|4000|2438|350|350|||
Splash Poppy
Splash Rock|Standard Fabrics|Splash Rock|4000|2438|350|350|||
Splash Rock
Splash Tango|Standard Fabrics|Splash Tango|4000|2438|350|350|||
Splash Tango
Splash Vine|Standard Fabrics|Splash Vine|4000|2438|350|350|||
Splash Vine


The Blackout Collection here at Blind Superstore is a very popular range. Make your room darker with our blackout range, with several different colour options to choose from we have a blind for every room.

Vitra Action|Blackout Fabrics|Vitra Action|1829|2438|350|350|||
Vitra Action
Vitra Beige|Blackout Fabrics|Vitra Beige|1829|2438|350|350|||
Vitra Beige
Vitra Cream|Blackout Fabrics|Vitra Cream|1829|2438|350|350|||
Vitra Cream
Vitra Envy|Blackout Fabrics|Vitra Envy|1829|2438|350|350|||
Vitra Envy
Vitra Flame|Blackout Fabrics|Vitra Flame|1829|2438|350|350|||
Vitra Flame
Vitra Imperial|Blackout Fabrics|Vitra Imperial|1829|2438|350|350|||
Vitra Imperial
Vitra Marina|Blackout Fabrics|Vitra Marina|1829|2438|350|350|||
Vitra Marina
Vitra Roast|Blackout Fabrics|Vitra Roast|1829|2438|350|350|||
Vitra Roast
Vitra Shock|Blackout Fabrics|Vitra Shock|1829|2438|350|350|||
Vitra Shock
Vitra White|Blackout Fabrics|Vitra White|1829|2438|350|350|||
Vitra White
Vitra Zinc|Blackout Fabrics|Vitra Zinc|1829|2438|350|350|||
Vitra Zinc
Vitra Zorro|Blackout Fabrics|Vitra Zorro|1829|2438|350|350|||
Vitra Zorro
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Roller window blinds are a great addition to any room and we have a huge range of fabrics available. We have a treated roller tube system to ensure nothing can damage any cloth installed onto it and we groove the cloth onto the tube to ensure it is very secure on the tube.

We have several different types of fabric available from cloth based to PVC based. You can look through our roller blind collection and sections to help you price the correct cloth for you. There are roller blind cloths which are designed to filter light into the room, cloths which are blackout to suit very bright windows or for bedroom purposes, roller blind cloths that are designed for moist environments such as wet rooms, kitchen or bathrooms and many many more solutions. If you have a requirement and you cant find it on the website please contact us as we wold be pleased to talk you through your options and find the perfect solution. For example, if you call and require a UV 100 fabric with anti-glare properties we can talk you through our performance fabrics section. We can create a different colour top and bottom if that's what you want so go wild and design exactly what you want and we will create it for you.

We have several different services available here at Blinds Superstore with our made to measure roller blinds. We do have a fast-track service where you can have certain blinds very quickly with next day delivery. If you’re not so much in a rush, we can offer a standard 7-10 day lead times on our blinds.

The rollers we sell can be fixed to the wall in different ways. If you would like to fix them to the actual window or to the roof above the window our multi fixing bracket make that easy. An additional feature of our window rollers is our bracket are universal so we you don’t need to worry if you’re putting the correct bracket on the right or left side.

Sometimes a simple roller blind is needed for a spare room or even a plain fabric is what is required. We have created a section on the site where you can jazz up your roller blind with some special finishes such as magnetic daisies or special finish ends so if you have a roller blind you want to make more appealing then this may be for you.